Horrifying video of police officer attacked by wild animal INSIDE Saint Petersburg PD


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I wish there was sound so I could hear the screams.


That’s almost as bad as the video of that woman being “horribly mauled” by a tiny and adorable baby hippo


I don’t know what game you’re playing putting such awful events in scare quotes. These things might not trouble you but not everyone is so jaded and cynical when it comes to human suffering.


“Dammit, Joe, was that one of your informants?”


You expect any less when @beschizza is posting?


Here’s one of a poor lady being viciously mobbed by wild animals in a pool


The first morning I was in India, I called the elevator. When it arrived, a large lizard walked out. It completely ignored me and marched off down the hall. I mentioned this to the waiter at breakfast. He said “Oh yes, Sir, they are often doing that.”


That’s at otterly unexpected video.

Edit - General observation: I was expecting the original St. Petersburg - the one with 5 million inhabitants. Now it isn’t Leningrad any more, perhaps it’s time to specify country of origin, especially as so many wild animal Youtubes originate in the RF.


I still can’t shake that memory.




The British Royal Family were staying in the same hotel as you? You must be a real high roller.


Me too, and possibly a drunk bear waking up inside the station.


Meanwhile in Japan…


“Cum coram talpas, qui autem auto-excremento”.


Damnit, where’s my unicorn chaser now?


Japanese television… so wrong, and yet so right.


What was that – a Rodent of Not Very Unusual Size?


Best part is where he regains his composure and returns to the scene, carefully checking to make sure that nobody saw him.


Totally had me. I thought that the rat was fleeing a much larger animal which was about to round the corner after it (panther? my imagination was running wild) and attack the officer… and then slowly I had the dawning realization that the rat was it.