Hot ginger ale in Japanese vending machines


Anyone from the Detroit area remember hot Vernor’s?

Too bad it’s not the same anymore.

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It’s carbonated? It sounds delicious, but how on earth do they avoid having all the CO2 come out of solution… explosively, all over your face? Soda is served cold for a reason.

When I saw “hot” I immediately thought picante/spicy. Warm carbonated anything sounds pretty dreadful, but picante ginger ale sounds wonderful. Maybe I’ll have to go rustle up some Reeds.


Hot as in spicy, or hot as in warmed? One sounds great (ginger beer), one sounds awful.

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Many years ago, I spent some time working in Spain, My Spanish was strictly tourist-level, and limited vocabulary made some simple things like shopping a bit of an adventure.

One day, in the hypermart’s tea section, I stumbled across a bag of roots labelled “regaliz”. Looked interesting, so I bought it. Nice. Very familiar flavor but I couldn’t place it. More familiar when sugar was added. Even more familiar when I drank it cool rather than hot.

It wasn’t until I got home that I looked it up and discovered why it seemed so familiar: Licorice. Encountering it as a hot tea rather than as flavoring in sweets put me completely off the track.

So: Hot ginger beverage? Sure, why not?

Spice-based sweets used to be much more common in America; they’ve largely fallen out of fashion in favor (in flavor?) of nut and fruit based confections.

I had to look up Hot Heat vs. Hot Spicy as well. I found another article making it a little more clear:

That said, I need to find another spicy hot ginger beer. I use to be able to import spicy Jamaican ginger beer, hot enough to melt the mucus off a winter throat. But the brewer I use to buy from is no more. Making it myself at home? Always a bitter aftertaste unlike the good stuff.


I came here wondering the same. At 60f a regular soda can is at about 40 psi and contains 4 atmospheres of co2. None of the carbonation charts I can find go over 65F but at that temperature the liquid will only hold 0.88 atmospheres at 1 PSI. Seems like at a temperature I would call hot (above body temperature) it couldn’t hold any at all.

I’ve had hot sweet non-fizzy Chinese ginger drinks before (powdered mix from the Chinese grocery), and hot non-fizzy citrus drinks with lots of honey that come in a jar of marmalade-like stuff, which remind me of the hot lemonade my grandmother made when we had colds or just because it’s winter.

And there’s a local restaurant called “Hong Kong Bistro” which has a cuisine that a friend of mine describes as “late night comfort food for when you’re drunk”. They’ve got “Hot Coca-Cola with lemon” on the menu - it loses most of its fizz in the heating process, but it works pretty well.

Simpsons did it!

I wonder how it tastes with Crown Royal…

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I want this. It sounds delicious.
One day I’m going to vacation in Japan just to eat and drink everything I can see.

Self-heating can, or heated vending machine?

In this case, heated vending machine, according to the telegraph article.

That actually sounds really scary. A drink at blood temperature won’t seem hot, it will be tepid. Coffee needs to be above 170F I think, or you’ll just throw it out and ask for a fresh cup. So what “technology” could change the vapor pressure of fizzy water? Salt? Nano plastic beads? Whatever it is, I ain’t drinking it.

I would if it was flat. To those who think it sounds bad, think hot spiced cider, with extra ginger. Yum. Dear Canada Dry: lose the fizz. Thanks!

I made some splendid ginger beer once with black pepper and chillis in it for added vava va voom. It was delicious, when it didn’t explode in your face (NEVER guesstimate sugar levels, folks!). There’s still a big stain on the kitchen ceiling from a particularly energetic bottle which, no shit, completely emptied itself straight upwards when opened.

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I agree. Whatever it is can’t be good for you.

I can’t get the image of a boiling hot mentos and diet cola explosion a la Wreck-It-Ralph out of my head.

Not the first hot soda reported here.

Hot, spicy ginger ale has been available in my part of the world for as long as I can remember. Find it at your local Piggly Wiggly.

Is this only available near Fukushima?