Hot tub expert explains why you shouldn't buy one from a big box retailer


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“Hot Tub Expert” I am going to sue my high school guidance counselor for leaving that job title off of the career list.


Perhaps you didn’t take enough science to for him to mention it…“Hot Tubes are a chemistry experiment that will turn into a biology experiment if you get it wrong.”


You can trust him, 'cuz he’s Canadian. Even more so: he’s a Maritimer.

I’d checked out some of his other videos. Good advice all over the place. Thanks Rob, and thanks Chris!
Nice info in his piece on insulation.

Edited to add: More good advice from a dealer in Ottawa.


Because Big Box retailers just sell big boxes? Big box may not contain hot tub, may contain, say a large feline.

You know where this is going. Fix yourselfs up.


I watched that whole thing thinking there was a punch line, some kind of epic fail where he gets sprayed by the jets or Costco security comes out and roughs him up. Nope, just an informative video filmed in awkward vertical format. The internet has ruined my expectations.


Big box may not contain hot tub, may contain, say a large feline

But until you open the big box, you don’t know if the cat is dead or alive.


Does Hot Tub University offer graduate studies?


Why do I always find watching people who know their shit talk about it so mesmerizing?


I bet the time machine in the Costco one is shit too.


I heard Hot Tub U is just a party school


Yeah, exactly why I stopped shopping at Schrodinger’s.


IMHO not as mesmerizing as watching people who know their shit doing it… An efficient deli counter, a blacksmith, a potter, even a policeman directing traffic. It doesn’t have to be sports to be interesting to watch a person or group who have learned how to eliminate wasted motion and get things done…


Damn straight.


Why is THIS the thread in which I lose my likes…for 7 hours, no less?



I know. I expect potato phone format by default now, too.


no, but I’ve known some graduate students who made for great hot tub studies.


Hot tub = Human Soup


What? No flux capacitor?