Hotel toilet theft investigated


Apparently, when the cops got to the hotel, they didn’t have a thing to go on.


Man that sign just screams quality don’t it.

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She could have taken the shampoo like everyone else. She took the REAL poo instead.


Wait, you mean to say a judge refused to get the criminal justice system involved in what should be a civil matter? What has SC come to?

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SECTION 16-13-30. Petit larceny; grand larceny.

(A) Simple larceny of any article of goods, choses in action, bank bills, bills receivable, chattels, or other article of personalty of which by law larceny may be committed, or of any fixture, part, or product of the soil severed from the soil by an unlawful act, or has a value of two thousand dollars or less, is petit larceny, a misdemeanor, triable in the magistrates court or municipal court, notwithstanding the provisions of Sections 22-3-540, 22-3-545, 22-3-550, and 14-25-65. Upon conviction, the person must be fined not more than one thousand dollars, or imprisoned not more than thirty days.

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petit larceny, a misdemeanor, triable in the magistrates court or municipal court

adjective: triable

(of an offense) liable to a judicial trial.

‘liable to’ does not mean MUST BE TRIED. It means could be. Amazingly enough, the judges have a say in this. And they had their say. The damaged party is not out of non-criminal options for restitution, nor are their insurers.

Activist judges hampering law enforcement personnel costs job growth in the enforcement & correctional industries. That’s un-american. Every toilet counts.


Don’t hotels typically have a procedure in place to deal with damages and thefts by guests? That’s why they take your credit card info or a deposit, isn’t it? So they can charge your account for whatever you run off with or destroy during your stay. And any damages that weren’t covered by your deposit or credit limit or whatever would ordinarily go into regular civil court, wouldn’t they?

I would get having to use the criminal court system if it was a random person off the street that just barged in and took it. But with it being a guest who stole it, seems it would be a fairly routine civil matter. Take it to court. The folks either settle, or go to court, or don’t show and you get a default judgement against them.

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The guest checked out Feb 20.
The hotel missed its toilet Feb 28.

  1. That’s gross. Don’t wait a week before cleaning the rooms.
  2. Even if they find the same brand toilet in this person’s house, you’d have to do some serious chemistry to prove it was the same toilet.
  3. Obviously they need to inspect the rooms earlier. For all we know, some employee stole it. Or a very disturbed hacker (assuming keycard locks).

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