Hotels that'll take your huge dog


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There ain’t many hotels that can take my–

never mind. sorry.


Oh. Dog. Nevermind.


I know a Marriott that let us bring our 80 lb. pitbull mix; of course, we listed her as a 50-lb boxer mix.:wink: She also had a sweet-looking face and an even sweeter disposition. She also was welcomed at their Residence Inn in Las Vegas, San Diego, Palm Springs (most of the chain, if not all, are pet-friendly), and their Courtyard in SLO.

ETA: I know there is size discrimination and I don’t get it. Also, I’m not sure if one can downsize a Great Pyrenees. They are pretty damn big.


Surprising to see them recommend only La Quinta.

Hilton Hotels, for example - is dog friendly in nearly EVERY Hilton associated property in US and Canada. This includes their other brands like Embassey Suits & Doubletree in addition to their top tier Hilton & Conrad branded hotels.

There are no limits on size, breed, or even number of pets.

I don’t see how anyone can beat Hilton dog policies.


La Quinta was their top recommendation. There are others.


IIRC Homewood suites is dog friendly. I remember bringing a dog for an extended work trip the wife had to take.


My go-to when I can’t find a La Quinta is Red Roof Inn. All of their locations are dog-friendly. They don’t care how big or small your dog is, they don’t require a pet deposit, there’s no extra charge, and Red Roofs are super cheap.


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I know, I realized that immediately. Working too fast and didn’t read the dog name. durr.


I know why La Quinta hotels are the top choice. Traveling to the AKC Agility Invitational in California, twice, we found La Quinta Inns to be clean and with friendly staff.

For breed events my two favorite places are the Sawmill Creek Resort in northern Ohio and the French Lick Resort in Indiana. Everything was on site and there was a lot of stuff for me to explore. I cheer for our dogs but once they’re done so am I.


I travelled a lot with my old dog, a 80 lb. Belgian shepherd mix.

Never had a problem with a motel not letting her in because of size. The two questions where “whether” and “how much.”

A fair number of motels don’t allow dogs. Of those that do, most charge a fee, ranging from $10 to $25. One place I stayed at on 101 in northern CA was run by an Indian family. The clerk made up the policy on the spot . . . $15 in cash, which probably went into her pocket.

A few places I stayed at charged a deposit. Only one required an inspection before I got my $20 back. They were really nice about it. Afterwards the staff petted Kira and gave her a take-away box of breakfast ham and bacon from the buffet. I’ll admit having a stick or two of the bacon for myself.

I’m driving down to the Bay Area with my new shepherd, Ivory, in a couple of weeks. Time to start looking for a couple of motels along the way . . .


Red Lion Inns in and around Seattle and Portland are almost always pet-friendly. I do request ADA access rooms, for the convenience of the large bathrooms.


The Tuscan in SF not only allows dogs, they keep a bowl of dog biscuits in the lobby.