House of cop who killed Botham Shem Jean has not been searched


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True to form, the NRA is saying he might be alive today if he’d been a gun owner. Because things usually go oh so well for black men who shoot at cops.


In the dark and while confused, no less.


Don’t YOU always keep a firearm in your lap while watching TV just in case a drunken cop bursts in on you?


Only in my hottest ammosexual fantasies.


House of cop who killed Botham Shem Jean has not been searched

Based on what that police department seems to consider appropriate procedure, I’m sure they thoroughly searched Botham Shem Jean’s house instead.






House of cop who killed Botham Shem Jean has not been searched

Ha! That’s the least of it. She never got a drug / alcohol blood test either. That city is just begging to be sued to death.


Presumably they mean that the fact of being a gun owner could have somehow saved his life, not that he might have shot her or anything like that.



Why, yes, they did.


And if he’d shot her, we wouldn’t even hear crickets from the general direction of the NRA.


He’d be going down for murder. The presence of marijuana at his apartment would be all the evidence the state needed to prove he was a drugged up psychopath and his cop neighbor was a saint who was just doing her job.


Not a cop, necessarily. You never know who might burst in and point a gun at you- or when. Best to always have a gun in your hand, with the safety off.


So that you can keep your children safe?


I find that taping guns to all my possessions is a great way to make sure I’m never caught off guard. I even used duct tape to adhere guns to my children’s backs a-la Die Hard just in case some psycho breaks in while I’m giving them good-night hugs.



Worked out for Philando Castile, didn’t it?


I’m sure that the police dept doesn’t mind if the city ends up paying for this.


They’ll just steal more from the citizenry when the department’s budget gets reduced.


How many more will be murdered before the midterms? And then how many more in the next two years while Trump finishes out his term?

And how many in the years after that? This didn’t start with Trump, and it won’t magically end with him either.

This is the status quo that centrism defends. This isn’t just about Trump, or the GOP, or the South, or a few bad cops. It’s about a systematically murderous white supremacist police state that has existed for centuries.

The major change of the modern day is not that police violence against Black people has suddenly escalated. The major change is that middle-class white people are finally beginning to notice what has always been happening.