House of cop who killed Botham Shem Jean has not been searched


I wondered if the pot they found was possibly in Guyger’s backpack, along with her police vest, police paperwork, lunchbox, and laptop? All those things were listed together in the search warrant findings.


He would never have made it to the squad car alive


I guess it’s technically true- if he’d been carrying a gun around with him 24/7, even inside of his own home, and just shot through the door in the direction of her voice before even opening it, and happened to aim in just the right place, he’d still be alive and she’d be dead. Because that’s a completely sane, normal thing to do that I’m sure would result in no negative consequences whatsoever.

They really are absolutely shameless fucks. Their response to any gun-related event is a mindless, robotic “GUNS GOOD MORE GUNS MORE MORE” regardless of any kind of logic or context.


Boy the cops really seem to be going out of their way to ignore the fact that the cop’s version doesn’t hold water at all, her version was directly contradicted by multiple neighbors, and she’s already changed her story a bit to fit the physical evidence. Plus, she apparently complained about his music in the past, so there’s a plausible reason why she could have been at his door, pissed off.

The NRA approach seems to be to reflexively say that, if only the dead person had done something different, they’d still be alive! (Regardless of what they did or didn’t do.) I don’t think the NRA actually intended to say that if only the guy had pre-emptively killed a cop, he’d still be alive, even though that’s the only way that makes sense.

I suspect that the gun-fondlers actually think that carrying a gun makes one bulletproof, given the nonsense they come up with, so maybe that’s true.

Not only did they do that, they very specifically specified they were looking for drugs, even though they had no reason to do so. I think we actually need to be suspicious of the drugs they found at this home, even though they’re irrelevant to the case.


Slightly tangential, but I just noticed that in her booking photo, what I thought was a shirt is, at second glance, actually a towel draped around the front of her neck and shoulders. So why is this? Was she scantily clad and her fellow cops wanted to make sure she didn’t look too “slutty”?


Sometimes a police whitewash takes more work than other police whitewashes.


Well spotted. Two other options:
Blood stains on her clothes would have been bad PR
She was given a chance to shower in order to remove the smell of alcohol.


I’ve seen the police get a search warrant over a misdemeanor.


Or there might have been two people killed. Or a bullet may have gone through a wall and killed yet another innocent person, because God does love Him some wacky physics. Or he would have never gotten it drawn in time, unless he happened to be holding it when she came through the door, and they would have found the gun AND the pot in the their search and labeled him a drug dealer. Plus if he had tried to shoot back, she could have claimed self defense, even though it was his apartment.

Also, fuck the NRA.


Can someone tell me what the point of searching her home would be? It’s not a crime scene (unlike Botham Jean’s home).


I’m positive someone else can give a better answer than me, but off the top of my head… when someone has killed another person, the killer’s house is usually searched for additional clues as to the “why” of the killing.

Because she’s a cop, she’s getting preferential treatment that the average citizen doesn’t get.

You can be damned sure that if he had entered her apartment and shot her dead, his apartment would have been searched.

ETA for example, if she had a bunch of white power crap in her apartment, it would have cast a bit of doubt as to her accidentally entering the apartment of a black neighbor and shooting him dead.

Of course, these days, I would be shocked to not find white power stuff in a cop’s house. I know that’s unfair, but damn. Lip syncing to songs isn’t enough guys. Start policing your own.


Checking for evidence she was on illegal drugs, for one. Certainly a more relevant question than whether the victim occasionally used marijuana.


Not really. Evidence is mounting. And in this case, there’s plenty of circumstantial stuff on this particular cop’s various social media accounts, as discovered by Twitter detectives. Is she the product of her upbringing and society? Sure. She’s also (almost certainly) a murderer.


Sorry, I meant unfair to the handful of cops out there that aren’t white power fascist types. Not “unfair” to this… person.


Of course not. We already know she’s a White cop.
We need to establish that he’s a thug who insisted on being Black before she can be cleared and get on with her paid vacation.


So what would be the point of getting warrants to:

a) remove her door;
b) remove her door lock; and
c) download the data from her door lock?

but not getting one to search her apartment? I mean, you’ve just taken the door

The only way I could see that working is if she gave permission for a search but they needed the warrants for the door & lock because they belong to the building owners.


I suspect that they didn’t want her uniform in a mugshot.


The reason that the Police Officer’s apartment should have been searched was to determine the layout and furniture placement in her apartment. Was there any furniture or decor near the door. Was there a throw rug inside the door…

Look the Hallway was brightly lit…so even if the room was dark, once the door is opened light will invade the darkness (if would have lit up the immediate area inside the room) and the Police Officer would have clearly seen that this was not her apartment…

This is probably why the Police Officer vacated their Apartment…
This injustice needs to be corrected…


Police in America kill approximately 110 people each month.

@llamahunter: Equal odds that it was planted by responding officers.


Based on all the misinformation from the police side of things, I highly suspect that those items were not found in his apartment.

The inventory return yielded:
2 fired cartridge casings
1 laptop computer
1 black backpack with police equipment and paperwork
1 insulated lunch box
1 black ballistic vest with “police” markings
10.4 grams of marijuana in ziplock bags
1 metal marijuana grinder
2 RFID keys
2 used packages of medical aid

Those items seriously seem like they came straight from a police car/evidence locker.