House passes Voting Rights Advancement Act to restore Voting Rights Act of 1965

Are you saying this is just a political stunt by pols who know full well that it has no chance of passing and so, will never be held accountable by some of the less than fair thinking constituents?

Are you so cynical that you actually think that if the Dems controlled both houses, they wouldn’t have initiated said legislation for fear that it would actually pass and they would be held accountable?

(clutching pearls) Are you suggesting that Democrat, like all, politicians would use grandstanding stunts to further their hopes in 2020?

I feel oh so faint…

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Saaaaaay, are you . . . Just Asking QuestionsTM?


All bills are only valid for debate during the Congress during which they are passed by the other chamber. If Republicans squash this until 2020, it’ll have to be brought back up again and re-passed in the House.


That’s a very cynical reading of the bill. Did you look at it in more depth? Because the key points of it are integrated into the party’s formal policy platform.

I could see taking pot shots like this at a number of the 400 bills that the House has passed that are waiting to be taken up by the Senate, but not this one.


Describes exactly how I feel waking up every day.

I have numbed my mind as much as possible to reality these last few years because it nearly drove me to insanity. We can’t go a single day without hearing about cheeto, a good POTUS is not in daily news for horrific reasons like locking up children


Moscow Mitch is akin to blockage in the colon. The Senate needs a good enema or colon cleanser.

Otherwise known as VOTE DEMOCRATIC !!


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