House resolution to recognize magic as national treasure


I’m ok with this legislation passing, but I have one condition, it needs a rider stating that Climate Change is REAL and caused by humans. Oh wait, they believe in magic not science… :expressionless:

Fuck it, let them have their magic, I’m going bowling.


I’m semi-seriously considering the whole thing to be a promotional stunt for J.K. Rowling’s new History of Magic in North America, hmm, thing. Whatever it is. Didn’t bother reading it.

I did read the recently revealed paragraphs about the wizarding schools in Brazil, Uganda and Japan. Which are nice to hear about, and nicely illustrated, but about as lazily stereotypical as a Street Fighter 2 character.

Of course we waited this long to find out the Brazilian school is a jungle temple in the Amazon, and the students are extra good with plants and animals. It’s not stated, but you just know they also have pet monkeys and the power of heart.

So I’m guessing the North American bits are going to have some problematic clichés as well.


I think it is guaranteed to annoy rationalists who would say there is no such thing as magic. And the sort of religious people who take offence to Harry Potter style magic. It will also annoy the people who will notice that Magic Johnson was left off the list.


I can’t even…

Wake up to news that Marco Rubio thinks God has decided not to let him win the republican nomination (because God likes Trump better?)

Now this?!? America wake up!

There’s this thing called science and it’s been improving your lives for centuries. It’s real and it works.

Problem - you still believe in ghosts and fairies and magic spells.

Grow the fuck up. Start educating your kids. Stop letting pathological liars steal millions from the gullible (and then give them tax breaks on their takings). Stop pretending you can run a country without taxes. Stop pretending you’re the only country in the world. Wake up, grow up, woman up!

This is the 21st century. Not the 13th. Time to be big girls and boys and confront the realties of human existence.


I’m guessing you only read the headline before your wake up sheeple post spilled out.

This resolution is about the profession and skill of crafting illusions. It’s honoring people like Houdini and Copperfield who advanced the art of stagecraft and stage magic, and people like Georges Méliès who used his skill as an illusionist to craft the first cinematic special effects. It’s about the science and art of magical illusions. As a matter of fact, some of the greatest magicians of all time – Houdini, The Amazing Randi, Teller – have made debunking the supernatural a focus of their career.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but the stuff stage magicians do isn’t created with the help of magical spells, ghosts, or fairies. It’s a highly skilled illusion. Did you not realize that?


Wouldn’t this make me feel slightly more comfortabe (and syllabically-pleased) if they replaced every instance of “magic” with “prestidigitation”?


Oh, sure. But the process involves creating an identical, living clone. And do you really want to be responsible if they don’t all drown?


Thanks for the condescension :slight_smile:

Actually, what got me was the fact that these asshats will waste countless hours legislating bullshit while ignoring real issues, or worse spend their time restricting citizens’ conditional rights to vote or access medical care.

I blame ignorance, and the denial of any objective reality. Both are rampant in today’s America.


I didn’t want to speak for you, but I had a strong suspicion this was what you were on about. Nearly replied to nungesser, but held off in hopes you’d post just this.

How many times has the House attempted to repeal ACA? Are we over 50 times yet? How many times has the House attempted to impeach the President? The first attempt was before he was sworn in. And here they are passing a fluffy resolution to recognize a field of entertainment. There are real problems in this country, and our House does fuck-all to address them.


(thanks for your faith in me :blush:)

I really hope America has a future enlightenment coming, because the dark ages we’ve entered look to be long and painful…


They must be resting between attacks on the Prez and/or Hillary. Or else they are bored, since they are not going to do anything productive until after the elections.

I want to send them a crate of yoyos and paddle balls, with a note that says, “Sit down, shut up, and behave yourselves.”


I just received an email from Speaker Ryan explaining that the Senate has no obligation to vet Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court. If you read the Constitution (and Ryan keeps a pocket copy on him), it’s very clear that the Senate will aid in choosing a replacement…But hey! This is the same guy that replaced Boehner, and here we are again…Budget fight! We could have another sequester. But boy! Pass a bill on magic as an art form…Sure! Focus on the important, right? And the GOP wonder why Congress has a decades low 12% approval rating, why Donald Trump is eating their lunch, and why voters like me, who have been life long Republicans are now voting Democrat? Unpardonable, un-American, nonfunctional, destructive idiocy.


Since you’re here, and have volunteered quite a bit of info already, just wondering if you might share with us a bit more about what was driving you to vote Republican in the past? Single issue that matters less to you now, rosey memories of Reagan’s propaganda, or something else?


If he’d posted that, rather than condemning people for a belief in “magic spells” and living in the 13th-century, I wouldn’t have responded.


Honestly, I don’t know. I just wouldn’t put it past them to try anything.

Keep in mind that the GOP is also the party that “protects voters” by demanding that people who don’t need a car have to have a driver’s license to vote, then shuts down local DMV offices due to lack of demand for its services; and “protects patients” by mandating that an abortion clinic’s halls be wide enough for two gurneys to pass even though most of the patients will be simply given a prescription for pills.

(Puts on tinfoil hat)
Perhaps the first step, in this case, is to recognize magic in a house resolution, then follow with a resolution about miracles. Then something gets passed attempting to distinguish miracles as being something that only happens to Christians, while anyone else is just using magic.
(Removes tinfoil hat, tosses it into recycling)

As I said before, it would be hare-brained, but would that really be surprising?


Great post @pesco! I for one am glad to see this, a formal recognition of culture & performing arts. More Wonderful Things please Congress.

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