House resolution to recognize magic as national treasure


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Next up? Regulation of magic and its practitioners to ensure purity. Sadly leading to the Doctrine of Acceptable Illusion, Prestidigitation, and Misdirection, and the downfall of all great magic.


This is awesome. I’m guessing Rep. Sessions is a big David Copperfield fan (or a friend?)


Can they make Donald Trump disappear?


I’m just relieved it wasn’t another story about the government’s stance on cryptography.


Well thank goodness they’re doing this, instead of whatever the hell else Republicans have in store for us. Maybe Sessions heard Obama hates magic.


Of course it’s a national treasure; we stole if fair and square from the First Peoples.


My understanding is that David Copperfield has always been quite scrupulous about branding himself as an illusionist who does not possess supernatural powers. This Mr. Sessions just sounds confused. Do representatives routinely introduce resolutions of such thoroughly dubious nature?

I would expect the Christian hard-liners to come down on this like a ton of bricks. Even if Especially if it comes across as encouraging critical thinking and questioning of the ease with which human senses can be deceived.


I don’t see why. The resolution doesn’t say anything about supernatural or magical “powers”. It correctly mentions that the development of magical illusions has resulted in inventions, technological advances, cinema, and art, and refers to magic as “entertainment”, “storytelling”, and something to increase dexterity. Maybe he should have referred to David Copperfield as an “illusionist” rather than a magician to clarify?


Naah, Republicans love magic. They’re always talking about “invisible hands”, and balancing budgets while cutting taxes, and such. :wink:


Merry meet, and may Brigid bless the path of our son Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX)! May his words be a glamer to charm the devotees of the jealous Sky God onto the Threefold Path. Wise and cunning is this warlock, to cast this spell upon his federal Coven at the half-moon nearest Ostara (or the “spring equinox,” as the unawakened have it), for this will make his magicks as potent as if they had been spake by Baba Yaga herself.


I sense a trap.

I know I’m probably too jaded, but I can’t help but think this is some hair-brained attempt at getting a reference to “magic” into law for purposes of marginalizing non Christians.


How would the word “magic”, as part of a resolution, marginalize non-Christians?


You know what started this, right?


The Academy of Magical Arts gets a dues check from me every year.


Well, given how this can get through A House Committee, maybe Obama should be putting David Copperfield forward as his nominee for SCOTUS. I know of at least one Rep that would be all for it!


What’s with all the Copperfield fellatio?


Dude, they don’t mean us… DAMNIT


I’d settle for a magic resolution to recognize house as national treasure.


At first, and I swear I’m not being sardonic, I thought this was a parody resolution having to do with religion.