House votes to table (kill) impeachment resolution

It’s empty chairs all the way down without it.

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Of course it is. Elected folks are only responsible to the subset of population that put them in office. The rest of us are irrelevant. Money is speech so you have no voice without bribery. Your legislators most likely will do anything to remain in office; alas, responsibility ain’t part of the calculus.

Every elected or appointed official swears an oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution. Shouldn’t oath-breaking and blatant irresponsibility be grounds for instant removal? In my dreams…

IIRC the impeachment proceedings must, y’know, PROCEED, in order to weaponize investigations and discovery. Tabled is dead.

My fuzzy overview: Dem house members authorize more probes. Tramp blankets executive privilege and dares court action, which is slow. Someone realistically threatens to release Tramp’s fatal financials. Tramp nukes Tehran and/or Pyongyang, declares emergency, rounds-up dissidents, and calms the nation. Urgh.

Erm, I’m not even sure that Gilbert Gottfried could get away with that one.

We live in, er, interesting times.

Anybody have a list of the 95 who voted Yea?



If not now, then at what point?

It could get worse. There’s plenty of room for Trump to take all the shitty things he’s doing and do them 5x harder.

Shit. He could write an executive order to issue a Trillion dollars, transferred to his bank accounts.

He could (yes, yes, I know) shoot a guy on first avenue.

Openly start bombing California.

You get the idea.

The political calculus seems to be that impeachment is a worse as a cure than the disease. For now. I disagree, but it could get a lot worse.

I also think it will get a lot worse.


I strongly suspect that history will measure any decision that Pelosi makes (whether for or against impeachment) by only one standard: Is Trump defeated in 2020.

While I am certain that almost everybody’s opinion about whether to impeach is based on the calculus of upcoming election (and I am among that number), the people I find most interesting in the debate are those who believe that impeachment will increase Trump’s chances of re-election but are in favour of it as a point of principle.



Also, there is something about that pucker of his. I find it quite disturbing. He does it a lot, like he is readying his mouth for the entry of a blunt object [as in “Richard Cranium”]. I’m sorry if this comment is out of bounds, but that photo on the main page of the pucker and just skin is really more than I can take.





And this just to state that I think the “man” is a perv of the lowest order:



If TPTB have their way.

He regularly makes the same aggro kissy-face that primates like monkeys make to indicate aggression and dominance or to threaten an interloper. I don’t think it’s conscious but I don’t think it’s an accident either.


We are going to see what happens in the polls.

This could be a dry run, if you believe the Democrats are clever.


As a biology major, that makes perfect sense to me. He is very demonstrative.


You got it wrong. Not about that nasty looking little set of mouthparts but the parasitic piercing hypostome that ticks use to drain their victims. And on the topic of parasitic mouth part there is something especially vile looking about McConnell’s mug. Actually of the two parasites McConnell is more worrisome because he show signs of long term planning whereas trump is more of an opportunistic predator. Perhaps it’s just me but a dose of 100% deet seems in order for either.


You are 100% right, bro.


I am not at all sure I merely want them repelled. At the very least immobilized strikes me as better.
ETA I was going to go farther than that, but it struck me as risky.

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Me as well so I stuck to deet as opposed to Raid.

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You don’t think there’s anything useful that could come out of an impeachment hearing, even if it didn’t lead to impeachment? Or that a concentrated investigation that reaches such a level, and the Exec Branch has a harder time working their way around, could possibly put so much more out in the public light, it might actually start to shift the dynamics of public and political sentiment?

Yes, this too.


This is why people commonly call the Democratic Party spineless.

Because it’s often true!

You worthless sacks of garbage, why the hell do you think you deserve anyone’s vote if they claim to side with decency if you can’t even vote for impeachment without capitulating.

Just because you know it may not pass does not mean it’s not something you shouldn’t vote for.

Two previous presidents have been impeached, for a hell of a lot less. This man is about to start an actual war with half the world at the rate he’s going, so what the hell would it take for you to actually vote for impeachment???

I am a Democrat I switched from independent but nothing has changed with this party they are still as spineless as they always were.

Say what you will about the GOP there is absolutely nothing good I could ever say about them but at least they are consistently evil regardless. They have the balls to continue to be evil unchecked and continue to vote for ridiculous and horrible things to screw people without caring what anyone thinks.

Democrats- please grow a spine and use it for good because this method is not working and never will

I will never vote for anyone in the GOP for the rest of my life but if I am still considering voting for a potted plant or the undead corpse of Janet Reno (actually wrote that in in disgust for a local election) after 2016, damnit, you are still not listening or learning!