Houses in this neighborhood have airplane hangars

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Theres a fly-in residential area in Naperville IL too, but this neighborhood takes it to a whole other level.

Aero Estates Airport
Naperville, IL 60564

Also, anyone able to ID the aircraft at 3:30? ETA: Lockwood Air Cam.


Nothing new. There’s been a “homes with hangars” (and airfield) in the Phoenix metro area (Stellar Airpark) since 1969.


Cameron Park beat those Arizona losers by 7 years!


Too bad this never caught on in East Coast states, like New York:


John Travolta’s house in Ocala, Florida:

The neighbors, who also have jets, complain about his old loud 707.


Scroll down for a list of USA fly-in communities.


Does anyone know what the problem was here? The guy sounds like a kook (threatening people with crossbows and such) but the plane looked rather neatly and harmlessly placed there. The news article just says something vague about “building codes” but I’m curious what the concern is about having a plane sit there.


IIRC, the area had boats stored that way, but neighbors didn’t like the look of the plane. If they were worried about fuel, there are ways to deal with that, and it sounds like it wasn’t even intact at some point (if wingspan was a concern). Anyway, calls to local officials and multiple code violations/citations led to the dismantling. Here’s from when the situation was escalating:


I can’t help but picture playing street hockey when someone yells “PLANE!”.


I like how all the stop signs are short.

I feel lied to, there were no razors in that video.


He had given up his pilot’s license, Ithink for health reasons, so the plane served no oractical purpose. I don’t know if that plays into tge story.

He also died, May 28th last year. He had a level of fame other than a kook with a plane, so people could dig in.


Don’t forget Sierra Sky Park near Fresno, CA. 1946!

ETA: at the OP’s community, Cameron Airpark Estates in Cameron Park, $1.5m for a 4/3 home with car+plane garages is competitive with SF home prices, given the short air commute; less interesting with a 2 hour+ drive.


Sorry to hear about his passing. That his later years were filled with so many problems is sad. His story bothered me, because outside of an area with an HOA, I believe people should be able to do what they want on their own property unless it endangers others by going against health & safety regulations. I’m generally against public codes that exist to support someone else’s view of what is pleasing or offensive to the eye.

My former neighbors had unused cars, RVs, watercraft, etc. in their driveways. So I could’ve said they served no practical purpose. However, that was their property and none of my business. We had codes for how long an RV could be parked, but no one called the township to get violators cited. It looks like the residents of the neighborhood in this article are like-minded. The video shows trailers, RVs, and other vehicles parked as well as planes. Hopefully, they have a community that doesn’t attack when they encounter something that’s different or unexpected.


The landings are a bit rough


I didn’t think they were all that unusual. There were two tiny rural airports near me surrounded by nice houses, each with their own hanger. The main difference was the airfield was in their collective back yard, so the hangers faced away from the road.
I think because owning a plane is such a huge commitment of time and money, that it makes sense that it would influence a family’s housing choice.


Man, you do not want to get rear-ended in that neighborhood!
(But seriously, how does this work - when someone’s moving their plane, does everyone else traveling in the same direction move off of the street? Or is it such a small, sparsely-populated neighborhood with so little traffic it’s not even an issue?)


That is just pure awesome!


It’s bugging me that he’s built a little hat for the 707, and a covered walkway connecting that hat to the house, but then the cockadoodie airstairs poke out from under the hat so you still have to go in the rain anyway. That, and Battlefield Earth.


It’s almost as if Stearman, Skyline, and Chandelle Drives have curves engineered in them to discourage pilots from using them as runways.

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