Houston bakers trapped by floods made bread for two days straight


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Saw this yesterday and thought it was really great that they prepared for feeding flood victims while stranded.

As an aside: I miss having some good fresh pan dulce. It’s fairly simple but it’s generally meant to be enjoyed with bread early in the morning.


Talk about making good use of a bad situation!


This is just so awesome! Inspiring, dammit!


But didn’t 45 tell us all Mexicans are bad?! I don’t understand. /s


Awesome guys! Thanks!


This is the best thing since sliced this.


but but but… then he said:

And some, I assume, are good people.

I’m sure these guys are the ‘some.’

Christ, what an asshole!


Which reminds me, he still hasn’t responded to Mexico’s excellent yet hilarious offer to help with recovery efforts in Houston. A+ trolling Mexico.


When the going gets tough, the tough get going.


BTW, Bolillo’s is one of the coolest places in Houston to begin with. They have EVERY Mexican pastry, tortillas, flan and sweet drink hot or cold. They have walls and walls of these beautiful wooden, glass front cases. You walk in, grab a tray and then go around and pick out everything you want with tongs. You fill this tray with all these amazing goodies. Then you get it rung it up at the register, realize everything is cheap cheap cheap and go back for a second run! Bolillo’s is awesome.



Extra characters to fill space!


The quiet heroes, the ones who just keep on doing when things fall apart or who get busy and find a way to help while the powerful giants in charge strut and posture for the cameras are the true strength of humanity.

A million pairs of hands praying cannot begin to equal the power of one pair of hands doing.


Giving people what they knead.


Damn immigrants.

(/s and more characters!)


Looks like they were bReady to help.


Fortunately, there were people who kneaded the bread.


I need one of those in my life


Dangit… why is my mouth watering? And I just had lunch and all…


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