Incredible build video of a goopy meal


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A fairly intense version of a pretty common street food, elotes. Corn, crema, queso fresco and spices are the basic ingredients. That looks to also use some spicy mayo in the second layer, topped with more crema and more queso fresco. I am literally salivating.


OMG I am hungry now. Every place that serves that grilled layered corn I get it. So good. I stayed to watch the end and cried. so. so. hungry.

Question, so the big pot ingredient that was added on top of the Tostitos (really?!) was that pozole or beans? a mix of both? The lime press at the end had my salivary glands pumpin baby! Maybe too much on the squeeze bottles of goop, but boy howdy I bet it was tasty.


You start with food on a stick, you cover it with some batter-like substance, and then you DON’T deep-fry it? I don’t understand.


The big pot looks like it was just more corn, off the cob. In Texas it’s a not uncommon school fundraiser to sell $1 styrofoam cups of elotes off the cob, drowning in crema or spicy mayo.


Mexican street corn (elotes) has always been grilled once coated every time I had it. This basically looks like the equivalent of eating an uncooked corndog to me… so I of course googled it.

Turns out there is a dish known as Elotes en Vaso - Corn in a Cup. So this is Elotes and Elotes en Vaso at the same time. It’s just a bizarre dish in general.


All I kept thinking was “He isn’t wearing gloves, is this sanitary?”


Fair food, ftw!

Any estimates for the calorie count of the dish as assembled in the video?


90% of is from the mayo and queso. Corn is pretty hard for our bodies to digest without being processed to hell and back like those chips. However that is a hell of a lot of corn. I imagine it is meant to be shared.


ONE corncob, ONE spoon. sharing would result in a tasty world war.


There’s nothing in there that I specifically wouldn’t eat, but I’m suspicious of any dish that’s conspicuously designed not to require working saliva glands or teeth.

(I know you need teeth to eat corn off the cob, but realistically that’s just for decoration, I mean who would ever get that far)


Exactly. This is a combo of elotes and elotes en vaso. This is a calorie bomb designed to stretch a limited amount of money for as much food as possible, either for one hungry tummy or several. The chips add variety in texture, which is nice whether you’re eating this over the course of a few meals, or if you end up eating this every day because it’s on the way home/in between several jobs and only costs a few bucks. It’s not glamorous, but it’s a break from beans and rice or ramen or whatever you’re scraping together at home, and there are no dishes.


Yo Dawg, I heard you like corn…


The “elotes en vaso” are called esquites.


Fun fact: 100% of food industry workers scratch themselves after donning gloves. :wink:


“You take a hot dog, stuff it with some jack cheese, fold it in a pizza — you got Cheesy Blasters!!” And then all the kids say ‘Thanks Meatcat!’ and then Meatcat flies away on his, uhm, skateboard.



@japhroaig - ware our ewe, inn hour are of knead?


Holy Mole!!

I only aspire to that level of genius. The amount of queso there could choke a horse, and I loved the light dressing with lime at the end.

I won’t make the whole thing, but I am tempted to paint an ear of corn with sour cream.