How NFL Players must honor the flag so many have died for

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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH an ungrateful NFL player must honor the flag for which so many have died, and so many more will continue to die.


Classic NFL.

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Stand for the anthem because the military paid us to play it.


I hate how the original message has been hijacked and distorted…”they hate the flag!!” Then seeing Jerry Jones’ shriveled mass taking a knee to prove to himself that he’s not racist just waters things down further. And all the while, Trump continually throws cups of gasoline into the fire.



Well, when I was a boy (a long long long time ago evidently) taking a knee was a sign of respect and showed you were ready to listen. Same folks who were upset at Jesse Owens and the raised fists are upset that their sportsball is being marginally inconvenienced. Say maybe they should stand and raise a black gloved fist. Whether the middle finger is in or out is an exercise left to the individual player.

And don’t forget the ‘forgotten’ stanza of the star spangled banner… read that and tell me a black man or woman must do whatever makes white fee fees fee better? bump that! Only reason we are even talking about this is even the cheapest cellphones now have cameras… cops just haven’t caught up to that fact quite yet.



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Since money equals speech now, they forgot about black people with money. Got to do something about that before it gets worse.


The cops are well aware of the cameras. They are just as aware that they get a paid vacation for a murder on video.

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Yes, honor the fucking flag. Then go out and pick cotton for The Massa. What a privilege, and they throw in CTE for free. Who are they supposed to be grateful too, exactly?

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