How to calm a crying baby


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It looks kinda like he’s choking them babies out. I guess that’s one way to calm them.


Looks like it, but from the video it looks to me more like he’s activating some kind of reflex or set of reflexes.


Why do you have to ruin everything.


So, lets review:

Martinis - Shaken, not stirred.

Babies - Stirred, not shaken.

Keep those straight and everything should work out nicely.

You’re welcome, everyone.


This would’ve been handy two years ago…


I love this. What a great technique! I’m trying this on my wife when she starts in again.


The baby immediately switches from its “I am in need of attention” reflexes to its “OMFG what is happening to me?” reflexes.


Strangely, this is also a very effective way of getting adults to shut up (though you may get beaten or reported to HR for doing so…)


Must say, I have seen local bouncers utilise similar “one hand on neck, other on the rear”-grasp when calming and escorting upset clientele out of their establishments. Seems to work wonders. Though the crying does restart shortly after they let go.


Ah, yes. Detroit style, very nice


I totally agree. I think he’s confusing the babies and they become dumbfounded.


Sure. I honestly wouldn’t know. I avoid dealing with infants and toddlers. It’s best for everyone. They don’t seem to like me all that much, and then I end up getting blamed when they do normal toddler and infant stuff like fall down or cry. Maybe I have a scary face or something.


Nah, nothing so alarming as that. Folding the arms into the chest is just basically swaddling without taking the extra time to burrito him or her up in a blanket. Between the gentle constriction of the limbs and the gentle rocking movements, it’s somewhat reminiscent of that safe, comforting time spent in the womb a few weeks ago.

It’s kind of amazing how different those “fourth trimester” newborns are from how they end up being after three months of age.


Future image of pacified baby:


Ooch, does she read BoingBoing?


Only over my shoulder.


the best way.


It’s too late for me, my baby is too old.


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