How to cut a bagel into two interlocking rings


Can’t wait to see how to spread smoked salmon on this.


Somebody will be along in a minute to make an “interlocks/into lox” joke.

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Someone needs to study why it is that the brains of blog readers can immediately jump on the fact that they saw the same article posted five years ago on a blog:

I absolutely don’t doubt that if I were an editor, I would instantly lose this ability and repost myself fifty times in the first week.

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I don’t know about you but I spread cream cheese and maybe add the lox on top of that. Fish spread just seems wrong to me.

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I rebut your argument, and give you Gentleman’s Relish, Sir!
Proper foodstuffs for Englishmen.

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Why hasn’t anybody explained the toaster problems this thing is gonna have?

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That is exactly what I came into here to say. I couldn’t tell you what I had for dinner last night, but the instant I saw this post I was like “This has already been posted on BB before”.

To be fair to Maggie, at least it was Xeni that posted it originally.

And yet, I still want to try it next Sunday morning, if only to get “that look” from my sweeties at the breakfast table.

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I don’t know whether to make a joke about inbreeding or what…

Anyway as a Jew from New York, home of the best bagels on Earth, I’ll stick with my fish traditions and you can stick with yours.

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This is such a rad way to make the perfect sandwich - slide off the rings to put on the filling; slide 'em back into the exact fit shape. I like it. Just need a freshly cooked bagel and no toaster is needed.

This is the perfect thing to nest a spiral cut pickle within.



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You can cut a bagel to make the three Borromean rings: no two rings are linked, yet all three cannot be separated. Not sure whether this will work with real, crumbly bagels, but some Boinger ought to try it before Vi Hart does.

Non-mathematical proof: make Borromean rings out of three colours of plasticine, then squish them into a solid bagel. The three colours should show you how to separate the bagel.

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Perhaps there should be a Mnemonist Discourse badge

I support this suggestion!

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