How to do smokey eye as well as Sarah Huckabee Sanders


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Hey girl!




If there isn’t a burly gay dude giving makeup tips named “Smokey Eyed Bear” on the internet - well - I just gave you all a million dollar idea. Hop to it.


“Sarah Huckabee Sanders” anagrams as:

She has barracuda knees
She has abacus darkener

…so there’s that.


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…and here I was expecting to see step 1: Burn some facts


I haven’t seen what they are saying about this, but here’s a thing. They seem to be saying that this is an attack on her looks. I think that her honesty is what’s in question in the joke, isn’t it?

I mean, it’s admiration of, at least, her make-up.

And, are looks really what’s important in this equation?


Attacks on Wolf’s jokes have to be disingenuous and critical of something she didn’t say or of her “tone” (without getting into substance) - because if they went after Wolf for what she actually said, they’d have a hard time of it, because she wasn’t wrong… I think there’s also at least a bit of projection, too - people want Wolf to have been joking about Sanders’ appearance because they do so (or want to do so) themselves.


How to do Smokey eye



I just want to say that “She’s Got Barracuda Knees” is the Kim Carnes/Heart collaboration that the world has been waiting for.


i’'ve already sent some MDI’s so someone needs to hop to those…



As a chimney sweep I know smokey (sooty, really) eye… and why would you want your eyes to look like some guy punched you?


I don’t know what MDI’s are, but I think this guy gets dibs on the name:


Obviously you’ve never had to get creative with your excuses for missing your child’s birthday parties, school plays, kindergarten graduation, etc.

Someday he will get a good laugh when he figures out the root of his debilitating paranoia about getting mugged.


I thought she really worked on her eyes so much to avoid the inevitable “She starred in Thumb Wars” comparisons.