Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Nancy Pelosi: "I think she should smile a lot more often"


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What the Hell does she imagine there is to smile about?


And that video from Think Progress… Ouch, those youtube comments are, how do I say, dumbass.

I agree, there’s nothing to smile about, nothing to applaud. This is exactly the reaction I would expect toward the cheeto’s blather.



Dear Sarah Huckabee: You first.

(Seriously, all I ever see in her expression is flat or scorn.)


A Grimace-looking motherfucker like that has the stones comment on other people’s appearances?



Kurt Vonnegut was right. Our country is being run by the kids that used to rage at me for skipping a pep rally in High School.



I shouldn’t have went back to read them.


Being a women in the Republican party who isn’t not shown smiling all the time, I have to imagine Huckabee Sanders has been told many times to smile more. When men say this to women it’s often clueless participation in the patriarchy.

My $5 would go on Huckabee Sanders knowing exactly what she is saying and exactly how it will be received.


Don’t you think she could do something cuter with her hair, too? And those dresses! Has she even tried on a miniskirt?


She should take some fashion tips from the pros.



You know happens in miniskirts. Even I’m afraid to wear miniskirts and I’m a guy.


I was surprised it wasn’t Hugo Boss.


FTFY: "I think Sarah Huckabee Sanders sounds like that all the time. I think she should jump off a roof. I think the country would be better for it. She seems to kind of embody the bitterness displayed by the Republican Party right now.”


Woodhouse : Well, I was very fond of a boy at school once. Reggie Thistleton, but he died in the war at Flanders.
Rudy : Flanders? Charles : What war was that?
Woodhouse : Oh, the great war.
Rudy : They’re all great.
Charles : Oh my God, yes. Those Nazi uniforms?
Rudy : Hugo Boss.
Charles : Shut up!
Rudy : Swear to God…


Agreed. She has nothing of substance to offer, so she’s going straight for “mean girls”. Ironic, coming from her.


I know it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile but is she going for some sort of record here?


If she literally, “turned that frown upside down,” she would look like the Joker.