How to make a goth frappucino


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The term “frappucino” should carry a trademark symbol, making it a pretty gross term to use and disseminate. Please, be kind, use open source drink terminology.


For what it’s worth, bottled Mövenpick brand iced coffee is much better than some others. The one she’s got is just strong coffee and milk, though it does have too much sugar (I prefer: zero). Despite her saying “latte” it’s not a latte.


It would be frappe, I believe.


Loved her when she was Edward Scissorhands.


How to make a goth (anything)

  1. Make the thing
  2. Add black stuff
  3. Enjoy (or not)


Find a Goth, take a scoop of said Goth, then add to basic frappe recipe. Done.


It’s true! The activated charcoal rendered my homeopathic medications useless.


I must be goth as hell. I’ve been drinking my coffee black since I was 17. What’s a Frappucino, again? One of those poofy tulle skirts?


This recipe has the added benefit of making your shits black, to show how goth you REALLY are.


If you are enjoying it, it can’t be goth™


Maybe about 30 years ago I dated a goth chick by that name?


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