How to peel a potato without sacrificing any potato


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leathery condoms? what are you doing with these potatoes anyway…?


Eat the peel!


Peel potatoes? Why?


But potato peels are delicious and full of vitamins and minerals!
I like to steam my potatoes and then mash them with the skins on. Om nom nom.


I refuse to eat any food that doesn’t come out of a leathery condom. Bananas, potatoes, my neighbor’s children…


a) It’s not hard to peel a potato.
b) What everyone else said.


(Has it been nine years already…?)


This also works for tomatoes and peaches, which are much harder to peel than potatoes. Also, as others have mentioned, peeling is often not really needed for potatoes, depending on your taste and what you are making with them.


Considering the fact that the inside of the potato is the least nutritious part, and potatoes are dirt(!) cheap, why would anyone worry about “sacrificing” some while peeling?




This really works best if you don’t have time to let them cool. My wife finds amusing my shrieks and lamentation.


I peel potatoes and throw the inside bits away.


How to use a potato peeler:

I was in my 30s before someone pointed out I was doing it wrong.


Red potatoes. With Greek yoghurt and an obscene amount of butter.


Crush your potatoes. See them sautéed before you. Hear the lamentations of their fries.


That’s the spirit!


I pretty much only eat baked potatoes out of hand with no seasoning or condiments. Makes for a great snack, especially yellow or red potatoes.


Are you left-handed, by any chance?

A lot of peelers used to have the sharp blade only on one side, so lefties had to use it “backwards”.

Guess how I know that? :wink:


So, I’m a weird shaped mutant. I have big hands and long fingers. When peeling potatoes my arms don’t move.

I grasp the tater in my left hand.

The thumb of my right hand goes on the end of the tater closest to me.

My right index finger rests on the tater to keep balance.

I then use my remaining three fingers to grasp the peeler, and cut starting from the end farthest away towards me. This is so I always pull, never push.

Rotate while cutting. Never use more than your fingers, and a little wrist action.

I can get a skin off in one piece.