Super quick potato peeling


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This works less well on russet but great on thin skinned golden and red varieties.


Who still peels potatoes?

(Except where they’ve been exposed to light for too long and there a danger of glycoalkaloids.)

Edited to add the link. Search for ‘peel’ and/or ‘skin’.


Who boils whole potatoes? Surely any time you save peeling (and really, it’s not that much) is going to be offset by the longer cooking time.

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Yeah, I just leave my skins on. They’re delicious

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You know what’s faster? Not peeling them. I honestly don’t understand why you’d even want to peel them, the skin is nutritious and honestly i rather enjoy the taste.


I do, just as I peel my bananas. unless it’s dark, then I might forget it, but there’s the very real danger of chokeonbananapeeloids.

peeling them before/after boiling will result in a different texture.

this will only work on waxy potatoes, and why are you buying waxy potatoes? potato fail. also, if you do have the misfortune of buying a waxy potato, just eat them whole after scrubbing the dirt off and boiling. they’re not good for much other than boiling though, for perfect chips (fries) and roasties though you need floury spuds, and you need the skin off (Roosters are by far the best, you can get them now in the UK as well - they’re an Irish variety, not sure what a good USian version would be). all you need for that is a decent peeler. these type ones are the best.

That was actually the part that stuck out for me: the potatoes in the video have not been properly scrubbed.

The BoingBoing BBS, a dramatization.

(readers arrive at pernicious potato peeling article)

“What?? Someone is actually advocating…peeling potatoes??? I am scandalized, scandalized I say! This fool Frauenfelder is Doing Everything Wrong!”

/clutches pearls

/falls into a pile of mashed potatoes (SKIN-ON OF COURSE)

(…seriously, though, I just boil them in the jackets and run 'em through my food mill if I want mashed potatoes without the skins. And yes, sometimes I want a nice, smooth, skinless mash.)

(Also, this technique is good for potato salad, which should not have skins, I don’t care who you are I will fight you.)


Surely there a special tool for this, no?


The other problem with this video is starting the potatoes in boiling water. Potatoes cook more evenly if you bring them up to a boil with the water, instead of adding them to water already aboil.

@futnuh: funny you should ask - I use a potato ricer on occasion and have found that it is quite adept at removing skins. Also, it doubles as a spaetzle maker, though my new technique for that involves the endlessly useful squeeze bottles.

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Tasteless potatoes, British accent. Makes sense.

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I am so peeved, blogspot deleted a bunch of my photos.

Peeled taters, and a fish pie from said taters.

I have honestly been thinking about sous vide baked potatoes. I.e.sous vide them with butter, horseradish, garlic, and chives. Then broil on a rotisserie.

It is, not to mention the cooling off time so you don’t burn your fingers. And then you have cold potatoes to eat.

Ahh, but the key is to time it such that they aren’t too hot to hand peel, yet still warm enough to eat. Or just put them back in the water which you saved when pouring them out. Oh yeah! Also, two pours to clean instead of one!

Fuck that noise

I’ll bring the wine.

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Looks like there are a few recipes for that sort of thing - let me know how it turns out!