How to talk about shitgibbons with your high school English class

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now we need a catchy name for this Russia scandal business, before we end up with something insipid like “Russiagate”

i propose “приспешник”, transliterated prispeshnik, meaning “hanger-on, satellite, henchman”

as in: “Flynn’s resignation in February 2017 was the opening salvo in what came to be known as the Prispeshnik Scandal, leading within six months to the… bla bla bla”

you got a better one?



How about a Presidential emoji? :tangerine::poop:

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And then gym class comes along, and the kids start saying “Timmy wouldn’t pass the ball, he’s such a sh*tgibbon”, and the terminology gets normalized.

And then several decades later, someone says, “Timmy cut in front of me in the rations line, he’s such a Trump.”


Not enough emoji.

:tangerine: :poop: :monkey_face: :small_orange_diamond: :cry: :baby: :ok_hand: :small_orange_diamond: :moneybag: :ru: :small_orange_diamond: :us: :arrow_right: :toilet:


Eloquent and loquacious.

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Shitgibbon doesn’t sound antibacchius to me. It’s stressed-unstressed-unstressed. SHITgibbon, not SHITGIBbon.

That said, I take issue with the insult to gibbons, which are astounding and beautiful creatures. Watch one climb up fifty feet of tree in under two seconds and tell me Rot isn’t an example of devolution.

yeah yeah I know devolution is not a real thing, settle down nerd


Been reading Trump threads and the Gaming thread today. Can’t believe I didn’t think of this before.
It took five mins in MS Paint (and it shows, I know). I ain’t no 'shooper, if someone wants to do a better job, fire at will :slight_smile:
A mango-coloured face poking out from the folds would complete it, I think.

NOTE: The Crowleyan “Nothing is true. Everything is permitted” is the verbatim AC slogan, although it wasn’t on this particular image. Strange how it fits 45 so well.



Don’t tell me to settle down, frat-rat!

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