Huckabee: Trump can't be racist because he was on TV


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Because people like watching a train wreck and the more people who watch the more NBC gets paid.


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It’s clear, at this point, that no mouthpiece of the Trump admin is talking to the logically endowed of America. They’ve resigned to just giving racist uncles ammunition for their next rant, and in the complex grammar of Racist Uncle, this translates to either a simple “checkmate” or is dumped on the strange “liberals (like NBC and its viewers) used to love Trump/didn’t think he was racist before he ran for president” talking point that seems to mean something to them. This is important work 'cause when the racist uncles run out of gas, and the admin runs out of racist uncles the show is really over.


Certainly no one in the entertainment industry has ever been accused of any sort of misbehavior.


Bill Cosby lawyers (slapping foreheads): “Why didn’t we think of that???”


To be fair, she’s making a better showing of logical prowess than Conway.

Low bar to clear, of course.


All in the Family ran for six seasons. I guess Archie Bunker can’t be racist either!


Now would be a good time to release the purported videos of Trump dropping the n-bomb and referring to Lil Jon as “Uncle Tom” behind the scenes on The Apprentice.


Another day, another piece of evidence that Il Douche only hires the best, really the smartest people.


Of course she is ridiculous and wrong, but she gets her job done. Her job is to move along and close the topic of discussion, not to dwell on a subject. Yes, I get that she is doing impossible mental gymnastics every time, and that her answers are mostly ridiculous. But her goal is to close the topic, which she does every time. My frustration is that the reporters are failing to ask follow-up questions. That also applies to previous administrations and their press secretaries (e.g. Ari Fleischer), but for this particular administration, follow-up questions should be, and are, the low-hanging fruit.


Obviously, even an idiot can be on TV


Okay, he’s not only a bigot and an idiot, but he clearly has no idea what an ‘Uncle Tom’ actually is


That’s a bit like comparing apples and… pussy grabbing shitholes?


Hey, while she’s under there can you have her replace my #2 oxygen sensor?


The problem is that she’s so over-the-top ridiculous and wrong that even if the reporters don’t ask follow-up questions the subject still lives on after the press briefing. That takes a special kind of incompetence combined with an especially slimy boss (Ron Ziegler comes to mind in this regard).


This is now down to the level of those Nigerian scam letters that are so stupid and riddled with ridiculous logic and impossible claims (such as the Secretary General of the UN has made it his life work to see you get paid and his “diplomat” is at the airport in your town but has lost the paper with your name and address so the Customs people want a “non-inspection” fee for the trunk with your money) that only the certifiably mentally deficient would fall for them.

Bot Ghu help us, there are one hell of a lot of such people it seems.


Her daddy didn’t wash her mouth out with soap for lying enough when she was little.


That’s how it is with her daddy, who also used his powers as governor to get his hulking psycho of a son off the hook for torturing a dog to death. Huckabee “family values”: