HUD Sec. Ben Carson concerned 'big, hairy men' infiltrating women's homeless shelters

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Someone needs to run the stats on the total number of reported sexual assaults by trans Americans vs. the total number of reported sexual assaults by members of the Trump administration.


It seems like they drift from one location to another. First it was bathrooms, then department store changing rooms, and now homeless shelters. Heaven forbid they should focus on actual crimes committed against women, when they could waste time fantasizing about imaginary ones.


Someone ought to check him, because he really dles seem like he’s some kind of autotreppanation victim.


I didn’t even understand what this was supposed to be about at first. My first thought was “rash of aggressive Sasquatch or Neanderthal sightings”. But no, this administration- always bigotry, never cryptozoology.


If he’s so upset about it he should calm himself down with a nice cool glass of bleach


But it totally happened! That one time! In… Canada! Seriously, this is the actual argument I’ve seen: that a trans woman sexually abused another woman one time in a shelter in Canada. I haven’t even bothered to see whether the claim is based on real events or how badly they’re misrepresenting them if so; the whole thing is absurd if the best they can come up with is that it happened once, somewhere in the world. If that’s the threshold for being worried about an issue to the point of legislating against it, wait til they hear what’s been going on in organized religion… everywhere.


Thanks; but I’ve already seen this movie. And It’s a horror flick.

“ Shelters bar trans homeless

Upcoming report from mayor’s commission may include little on trans

population, member says


"As of 14 Dec. I’m one of the homeless. Shelters don’t take transsexuals

and I’m not changing back. Looks like I’m a goner. Thanks for the support

over the past few years. Hugs, Alice."

The outgoing, automatic reply on Alice Johnston’s e-mail account proved

true a day later.

Johnston, 52 - an Army veteran of three wars, a librarian, a computer

engineer and a male-to-female transsexual - died from a self-inflicted

gunshot wound Dec. 15 along the banks of the Chattahoochee River in

Fulton County, according to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office.

But if Atlanta homeless shelters, most of which receive federal money,

did not discriminate against transgendered people, Johnston would

“probably still be alive,” Monica Helms, executive director of

Trans=Action, a transgender advocacy group, told the city’s Commission on

Homelessness last month.



I hear it can cure autism, maybe it can also fix brain-worms! /s

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It sounds like he would prefer small, hairless men to me.

Is that still transphobic or is he just picky?


Big hairy men? Like ContraPoints?


Ben Carson is recycling a TERF trope here.

Yet another reason not to tolerate bigots of any sort. They reinforce each other.


TERFs and the far right are working hand in hand now.


Another example why a cabinet position is not a consolation prize. All he has done in the job is embezzle funds and find new and interesting ways to be a raging bigot on the government dime.


Or give himself a “2nd Amendment solution”.

What’s craziest about having him in this post is that he wouldn’t be an entirely unreasonable pick for a few other posts. I would still probably disagree with a lot of his positions if he were at HHS, but he basically fits the job, certainly better than Azar. If you’re going to sell of the government as consolation prizes at least give the right people the prize.


Ben Carson has no business in any government position. The guy is the “Rain Man” of the GOP. I am sure he used to be a skilled surgeon, but I wouldn’t ask him for directions, let alone his opinion on any political position.

His sole job is to act as a talisman against well founded accusations that Republicans are the party of white supremacy.


I don’t actually think he should have any government position, but I actually think him at HUD does more to highlight the GOP’s racism than it does to deflect it. Putting him in a medical position would serve to deflect accusations. Putting him at HUD makes it seem like they heard the word urban and grabbed the first black guy they could think of.


Which is what essentially they did. He was the first black guy they could find in a room.