Human traffickers implant RFID chips into their slaves

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Of course what really matters is whether SHE believed it would work…


I would like to formally petition the Norse Pantheon to free Loki and get Ragnarok started. I hear that that apocalypse option allows for a hard reboot of the human species.


At toorcamp a few years back, I watched people line up to have these kind of chips implanted in their hands. Something to do with password access to computers, I guess.

Everytime I sell plasma, I get one fingernail painted with UV reactive nail polish. It’s sobering to realize that this is to keep their property rights to my blood distinct from other such ranches.


Saves having to learn all their names…

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Alternately, you could use the Feed spell and trigger a Seismoros event.

/bonus: new question list!

Tracking chips: not just a fantasy for crackdown conservatives anymore!

(I’m aware that this was just an RFID chip, but I like the comparison.)

I thought about that, but wouldn’t the suture itself have sufficed?


… which just highlights yet another advantage of socialised healthcare. I donated plasma this morning (less than two hours ago, actually), and I donated it - I can’t sell it, and there is only one organisation which can receive it, which not coincidentally is a component piece of the national healthcare system. They do keep records, but that’s to maintain the integrity of the supply, rather than asserting ownership over me.


I do have to wonder what the motivation is here. I don’t doubt for a second that humans are scumbag enough to try; but the ‘verichip’(and any conceptually similar) implantable RFIDs do nothing more than respond with a hardcoded unique value when a suitable scanner is brought into proximity. The theory with pets was that they are harder to lose than a collar and tags; and that vets/pounds/etc. could scan unknown animals and then contact the company with the serial number to get the actual ID info from their database.

It’s slightly more amenable to large-scale use than just remembering faces; and somewhat less overt than a tattoo(unless you use some sort of steganographic design to conceal the ID number); but it possesses quite limited capabilities.

I wonder if the objective was to have a convincing prop whose capabilities you could oversell to the victim? Somebody’s control-freakery extra satisfied by an implanted ID?


“Very plainly, human trafficking is when one person takes advantage of another person for some profit,” said Katherine Chon, director of the newly created Office on Trafficking in Persons at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services."

By that definition almost everyone in the workforce is being trafficked. Sounds like the woman was being abused/pimped by her boyfriend. I’m not sure I’d conflate that with trafficking. Tragic yes, but not on the same scale as organized crime/slavery.


How does such a mark enforce their property right? They already have your plasma when you visit to sell it; and I assume that the polish either degrades or gets nail-clipped off during the period when you aren’t considered medically safe for further extraction.

The only way it could enforce their claim is if the competition down the street agreed to honor the tag and send you back to their competitor if they detected the tag on a potential seller.

Given the state of the US plasma industry, I’d be inclined to suspect that it’s an attempt to curb some of the less savory practices that tend to spring up at the low end of the market(the real good old days of prison blood-farms are allegedly over; but the business still has some areas of spotty QA).


Depending on the circumstances the RFID chip would work exactly as imagined/intended.
Consider a brothel environment where it would be easy to triangulate:
Pimp1: “Where’s Mary?”
Pimp2: “She said she was going down the hall to use the bathroom.”
Pimp1: [grabs tablet] “Then why da fuq is she by the back door right now?”


Maybe the pimp is using this to collect a specific prostitute’s income into a database. Scan the RFID chip, enter the amount of cash.

The only other thing I can think of is a human trafficking operation so large that they need to tag inventory like this. And that’s too horrible to ponder.


Everytime I sell plasma, I get one fingernail painted with UV reactive nail polish. It’s sobering to realize that this is to keep their property rights to my blood distinct from other such ranches.

Two questions:

What are they getting for a plasma donation these days?
Is the marker to keep you from donating too many times in a month, or for some other reason?


I’d say it’s mostly the other reason: When you sell human tissue in the 'states, you are also signing over biometric telemetry (I think that’s the term) which includes anything useful for research purposes.

In short, they’re tagging sellers so that other outfits know that the potentially lucrative data is already purchased.

And it probably curbs the amount of “double dipping” very desperate people might do to make extra cash, which legitimizes the practice.


I don’t believe that’s actually the intent at all. It’s to prevent desperate people from visiting multiple centers and selling unhealthy amounts of plasma.


We had a bit of a scandal some years back when it became clear that the NHS was selling high grade donated blood to over seas customers and buying low quality stuff back. Just the sort of thing that happens when psychopaths and accountants take over your public institutions.


The horrific details of Human Trafficking get weirder every time I read about it, it’s just disgusting what Humans do to other Humans.


Whenever I hear talk about the ability for human beings to police themselves - a lack of “regulation” if you will - I would think this kind of thing would bring someone right back to reality.
And yet, we should all just let the free market do its magic…