Humans who attack robots

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I wonder where that resentment could come from?


Photons be Free!

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Sending a telepresence robot to a bar is rude and inappropriate. if i was the bar owner i would have confiscated it, and made the owner come down in person to collect it.

i wouldn’t fly my drone into a bar or drive my rc car into a bar and if i did i’d expect things to be thrown at it because i’m a human and i understand why those are dick things to do. worse then trying to setup a whole dual monitor tower desktop rig at the coffee shop. be good humans people, especially when introducing new tech.

none of those things are indicators of people who actually have psychological issues with robots and autonomous objects that trigger their fight or flight response. that is a real thing, but a very different thing than the general bars reaction. i’ve seen young kids lose their shit over animatronics at disney and those aren’t even autonomous, they are basically manikins with a few servos.

The two car incidents sound more like people who have issues specifically with driverless cars. Again that is a very different thing for a different reason. they aren’t hating the car because it is a “robot” rather than a car, they just don’t like the idea of “driverless” vehicles and view them with disdain.

There really are humans who compulsively attack robots, these aren’t the humans you are looking for. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Telepresent people have rights too!

They sure do, wherever they may be. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you leave an ipad in a bar, it doesn’t have any rights of its own, even if you tape it to a roomba. :slight_smile:


Ugh, they had these things at Google and they’re really creepy (and move silently). We put a sombrero on one to make it slightly less disturbing.

Maybe the issue wasn’t that it was a robot but rather just that he walked into a bar an introduced himself. I know culture varies from place to place, but where I live you walk into a bar, sit down with your friends, and order drinks. You don’t announce your name.


Ah ye bastard, beat me to it!

I’m curious if they ever served any real positive function? or if they were more of a curiosity.

Employees can be video conferenced into meetings, and work remotely. You’d think there would have to be a huge benefit in order to pay your employees to waste part of their productive day remote controlling a little vehicle around your office like an idiot, when they could be virtually going instantly from meeting to meeting and task to task without all that wasted time.

The only benefit i’ve ever been given is it provides a meat space interface for people that have a difficult time adjusting to remote virtual workers. even this meat space interface is better served through Augmented Reality avatars like hololens or google glass can provide. virtual avatars also only interact with the people that need to interact with them, they don’t jam up the hallways needlessly, need costly physical parts and repairs, and aren’t stymied by stairs.

These telepresence RCs are such a weird confusing class of device, as if they were thought up by people who knew of modern tech but were planted squarely in the past and can’t wrap their minds around new ways of using and applying said tech. in my mind it would be similar to industrial revolution people thinking we’d all have robotic mechanical horses pulling carriages, because that is the paradigm they knew. those don’t make any sense compared to modern cars though and would just be impractical curiosities. (robotic horses would actually be cool unlike these really dorky stick screen scooter things, lol.)

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i hadn’t thought of the fact that last year’s rise of the male romper brought us another step closer … To The Future!


I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more attacks from taxi and truck drivers in the coming years as the economic implications start hitting home.


Those are gertsecommas on the cover! I thought they were fiction!

One day you’ll all be grateful to have a Kyle Reese around.

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And they have blazing orange hair, too :laughing:

But if I’m telepresent via this device, then it’s the medium for my free speech, so banning it is equivalent to banning speech via any other media.

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Wait until he finds out the robots from Sirius merged with the robots from XM!

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