Humorous anti-Trump sentiments expressed in beach vendor's wares


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Kinda digging on that “Trump…100% estupido” one.


Does the bottom one say Hump Trump?

I’d rather not, if you don’t mind.


I’m expecting sales of this type of product to become popular on beaches around the U.S. - except in Florida:


Trump voters, as portrayed by crayons


Oh god… If anyone can ever get me one of these, I’ll pay for it and shipping (and a bonus for the finder).

I work with a guy who thinks that if he swears in spanish, it’s somehow better than swearing in english… (we work in a big office with ~400 people, of whom, maybe 1/4 are hispanic).

Every other phrase out of his mouth is “Pinche-Fucking-Trump” *because why not spanish and english?

I need this!



BTW, I find that Italian is the best language for cursing. YMMV, of course.


Haley! Ella! Vanessa! Ryden! Squaaaaaad Pinche Trump!

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