Husband and wife Capitol rioters receive his and hers prison sentences

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That couples spa weekend retreat that was recommended to them as a bonding activity doesn’t sound quite so boring now, does it?


In a "what’s your unpopular conspiracy theory?’ thread I read an interesting one: that the FBI had intentionally spread anti-mask propaganda among MAGA types so that they’d be easy to identify in videos such as these.


The helmets really cement the “innocent tourist” narrative. Whenever I go on a tourist visit to our nation’s historic buildings, I always wear a helmet in case the ticket-takers turn violent.


Spoiler alert!

Summary of the ending of “The Gift of the MAGA”:

“I sold my kiesterable mini phone to buy you a lock pick you can hide in your hair.”

“I sold my hair to buy you a nice case for your kiesterable mini phone.”

Then they both went to prison and stayed there.



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“The Gift of the MAGA”



You’re an embarrassment to me, and you’ve besmirched our family name (close enough), Tara.


that was my back-pocket response i was keeping in mind if any MAGA person tried to give me shit for wearing a mask during the pandemic: “oh, you’re ok with the Fed’s facial recognition cameras that are everywhere?” – kinda hoping to trick them into wearing a mask, lol


It’s so sweet when people get gifts not on the registry.


Wow, that senate remote camera is remarkable. Very well done, whomever was operating that on the day. Made sure to get good looks at the faces of everyone who came in. Makes one wonder how much more evidence like that exists that hasn’t been released yet. I bet a lot.


These sentences need to be in the magnitude of decades, not a few months.

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Given how much is spent on defense? those had better be the best damn security cameras on the market… /sarcasm

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Personally, I believe they should all be deported to the middle of the Atlantic, but the fact that there have been so many people prosecuted (I believe these two may take it over the 1,000 mark between the Fed and DC) that I believe it is more effective than if a few received 10+ year sentences. Most people aren’t going to act as obviously stupid as the Proud Boys or Oath Keepers, so they may feel a sense that they’ll be protected if they fly under the radar a bit. What the Justice Dept. has been making clear with the sheer volume of these prosecutions is that they will not tolerate any acts of aggression against the US and if there’s a crime committed, it will be prosecuted.

Point is, if someone asked me if I’d prefer lifetime sentences for Enrique Tarrio and Stewart Rhodes while everyone else walked or for every one to get at least a little taste of Justice, I’d take the latter. Lots of suburban crypto-Confederates will think twice when confronted with sitting in the pen for 41(!) months.

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