Husky tempter tantrum




Oh, thank you for that. That was worth a chuckle. Now awaiting the people complaining about how the owner hasn’t trained the dog properly…


Hehe. I have one of these beasts and am continuously amazed at the range of sounds she can make. They never make you wonder what they’re thinking, those Huskies.


Why didn’t they just walk over and get the dog?


Because dogs generally know to come when they are called.


A battle of the wills is more entertaining than using overpowering force to gain the dog’s compliance?


Not exactly.

That’s the dog summoning the pack, not complaining.


Our neighbors had a pedigreed Russian sled dog of some kind, and she got out of their fenced yard once and was frolicking all over our unfenced yard while the neighbor tried unsuccessfully to catch her. I went out to see what I could do. I went out and saw her, but didn’t think I could chase her down, so I just looked at her. She looked at me, and we had a moment of eye contact. Then I looked meaningfully over at her yard, and she gave me a sort of “Okay, you got me” look and happily turned herself in.

At least I think that’s what happened.


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