I bought a Day-Glo running vest to command the respect I deserve

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Sure beats getting murdered.


Is it made of vegan leather? Asking for a…

Mark, if your going to write like this at least throw in a water color illustration of the vest!


I got a super bright orange vest with 3M reflective strips for if I go walking when it is dark/getting dark. Hopefully keeps me out of trouble.

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The Man Who Loves Junk Mail was one of Hitchcock and Stewart’s more underrated collaborations.

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Mark, I suggest that you were quite fortunate in your encounter with Piotr. Most Polish haberdashers I have patronized carry a little axe, and steal your lamp, the little bird in the cage you’re carrying, and send you back to your little house at the edge of the forest.
You also missed the opportunity to pick up a construction helmet and a packet of road flares from his shop. These items, much more than the vest, would have put you in the good graces of the airport staff and flight crew that you encountered later. They might have even handed you a pair of orange-hooded flashlights!


I thought that narrative style required it to end with a recipe.


Read it in the voice of J. Peterman

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Pity that their adaptation of Kafka’s Metamorphosis never made it into theaters


Did you ever see Orson Welles’ 1962 film of Kafka’s “The Trial” which stars Anthony Perkins?

You really should. It’s excellent.

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Is it just me, or does it seem like Frauenfelder is just posting some AI-written non sequiturs lately?

Are you saying that like it’s a bad thing? I love this stuff!


Ahh, the hi-viz vest, required wear for private investigators everywhere. Wear one and carry a clipboard with lined paper on it, and you become invisible, nobody will question your presence anywhere.

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