I found a locked safe hidden at the back of a closet in my new house


Way too obvious.
And far too many lawyers involved. Lawyers always flip.


An abandoned amusement park? Nice.


Not if they’re at the bottom of the quicklime pits.


If you kill that many lawyers you’ll attract undue attention.
Sure, mostly from people who want to thank you, but it’s bad opsec all the same.


I just realized something.

@beschizza’s safe was opened in late January 2017
Donald Trump was inaugurated in late January 2017

We need to go back.





We’ve been getting this at Costco:


O man they have that at Costco?

I’ve been getting it on Amazon. The tonkotsu flavor is awesome.


How does it compare to, say, Shin Ramyun?


To be sure: my parents got a box on our recommendation and immediately gave it to us. “It tastes great, but after opening the flavor packet I’ve had the smell of stepped-in dogshit in my nose all day.”

And I’ll confess that I’ve woken from an afternoon nap and run through the house in a panic, convinced that there is a major electrical fire, only to find my wife in front of the TV calmly enjoying a bowl.

My personal beef with them is a package meal that somehow uses half the pots and pans in my kitchen…


It’s a little higher quality, similar to the shin black. Broth is almost like real soup, geletin body and fat.

But shin is Korean spicy seafood ramyun.

The Nissin Roah is regular Japanese ramen flavors. So non spicy shoyu, tonkotsu, and miso flavors. And there’s less junk in it in terms of freeze dried veg, meat bits, and fish cake. Since the Japanese seem to roll with the idea of adding fresh ingredients to instant ramen rather than it being an instant meal.

You own two pots? I don’t see that being an issue. The instructions are literally to boil the noodles for a few minutes in a measure of water. Put the packets in a bowl. And stir as you pour the water and noodles into the bowl. There’s only a single pot, and whatever you’re eating it out of involved. And a fork or chop sticks.

Personally I’m not a miso fan so I’ll be hoping Costco carries other flavors.




I was at Costco a few days ago and, intrigued by this part of the thread, went to track down the Nissin Raoh. The only flavor they had was Tonkotsu. Maybe worth another look in your area?

Also, the price was… not cheap. $11 for 8. That’s like, gas station ramen heist prices there.


That’s super reasonable to me if its good ramen, and the really nice ones tend to be more pricey but its not something i’d normally buy unless i’m in the mood to try something different. A good alternative is to go to an Asian market/grocery store. They have great ramen, i’m a big fan of Korean brands.


Oh, don’t get me wrong – I bought it. But at Shin Ramyun prices it’d better be Shin Ramyun good, is what I’m saying. I’ll report back once I’ve had a chance to try it…

Incidentally, at my local Asian megagrocery, anything beyond Top Ramen seems to start at $1.00. (I’m not sure if this has to do with this part of the country being kinda pricey grocery-wise to begin with.) That said, they’ve got a great selection that borders on overwhelming. If anyone has pointers for particular brands to look out for, I’m all ears.






It’s not top ramen. This is stuff that sells for $4 bucks a packet and it’s worth the price.

There’s a whole class of better instant soup out there and it’s not 10 for a dollar.