I found a locked safe hidden at the back of a closet in my new house


“Game over” is right.




“Yes, yes, that’s a fucking excellent idea.” – Grover



I randomly found myself re-watching You Only Live Twice, as one does. Pardon if this has been discussed in the previous 3000 posts, but is this a device/technique that that actually exists or is this just one of those gizmos that we shouldn’t question too closely?


I like how it resolves the combination into 5 single digit numbers.


that one… definitely that one.


Yup. Not quite as ludicrous as the x-ray thingy in Moonraker, though.
OTOH, the device used in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service seems mildly plausible, what with the sheer bulk of it and what seems to be a simple brute force attack of trying out combinations, taking quite some time, which is played out for dramatic effect.

While we’re at it - not a safe, but I always liked how Bishop/Bryce circumvents the door with the code keypad in Sneakers.


This is what attracted my attention. I thought maybe I just didn’t understand something about how this stuff works, but I guess my instinct was correct.





LOL, ty my phone was having issues copying the correct thing


Yeah… once you start to question these things it quickly falls apart…

My background is in civil engineering and whenever the plot moves to the Evil Mastermind’s secret underground/volcano/whatever lair I catch myself thinking about how you could actually build this, and how long it would take, and how much it would cost and so on. The overburden dump from all those tunnels alone…


Obviously you want to build your secret base in, say, an existing abandoned salt mine or something, or maybe a decommissioned nuclear missile silo. Then all the excavation costs have been taken care of and you just have to bring in the furniture and the world domination map, install some trap doors, and you’re done.


Too obvious.


But think of the SAVINGS!


Also, my understanding of supervillainry has never included subtlety as a particularly important skill.


Duh, why do you think Evil Masterminds always demand lots of cash?


No, but a secret lair is supposed to be secret, you know?
Abandoned mines, missile silos etc etc already have a massive paper trail.

BTW, if anyone is interested, the Illuminati HQ for central Europe is located at 51°21’23" N, 07°08’03" O


Yeah, but that’s what shell corporations are for. You don’t own it, Cayman Heavy Industrial Holdings does, and they’re incorporated in Northern Ireland and have business offices in Switzerland, etc., and are held by Magnus Offshore Deep Mining Concern, and so on. The way to hide a paper trail is with a bigger paper trail.