I found a locked safe hidden at the back of a closet in my new house


“Sonic diarrhoea?”
“Oh, you don’t want that.”




This might be a repeat. At this point I just want to keep the ball rolling.



The usual full retail price from what I’m remembering is $1/pack. HOWEVER, its always “on sale” for $.10 - $.25 a pouch. Always. The only place I’ve seen them actually sell for a dollar is the sort of convenience store where you’re meant to add hot water to them from the coffee pot and eat them right there. Truck stops and shit. For top Ramen/maruchan etc.

The better ones are more expensive. Shin and related Korean brands are ~$2 a pop, depending on format. The nicer Japanese brands in the same style as Top Ramen like Sapporo tend to stay at the $1 mark unless you’re somewhere where they’re widely distributed. And then there’s stuff like this which I think I paid more than $5 per pouch for. Along with a few others like it. That taste almost like real soup. Though to be fair its not supposed to be around $5 per pouch. I just got curious at a point where every online source I could find but one was sold out.

So we don’t know what brand of Ramen. Could be a hell of a lot more than $100k

ETA: Come to think of it I don’t think that was the brand I spent 5 bucks on. Definitely started with an M though. Now I want to dig through amazon and buy weird high end Ramen for the first time in a while. I remember there was a brand that was like $10 a pouch and worth it.


I would join you – and really, anyone – on a highly weird ramen adventure.

There’s a chance I’d get into a murder van if the murderer promised ramen.



Bavarian wannabe-Bond:






Trump 'catch and kill': SDNY won't prosecute National Enquirer (AMI) because they're helping investigators

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This is my kind of safe: