I found a locked safe hidden at the back of a closet in my new house


Yes we are safe till 10,000 posts.
I miss the questions thread now.



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So annoyed that I couldn’t get this to embed. Womp womp.



Seen yesterday in Minneapolis. No word on whether they come locked or unlocked…


Of if they come supplied with dank carpet.


One imagines that the pricing is à la carte…sure, the safes are on sale, but they get you on the extras…


Hmm…The sign says safe sale, as in singular…and it looks as if the sign’s been out there a while…Who knows, maybe it is a locked safe, just one, and people keep buying it and then returning it in frustration, and they keep selling the same one over and over…Profit!!

But no one would say “safes sale”, would they?

This is what I do to give my brain a break from the news of the day…


I feel like the British might say “Safes Sale” in the same way they say “drugs offenses” and “maths”.

Actually this whole thing is a bit weird. In US English, you might be indicted on “weapons charges” (plural adjectival noun) and charged with “drug offenses” (singular etc). My one-ear BBC listening tells me that the British use the plural constructions more frequently, but I don’t think it’s universal for them either. I wonder what the Venn diagrams look like…





Stay safe everyone.


Was it made by ACME?



That’s… a lot of ramen noodles. Though the math seems suspect – “133k packs” = “$100k”? Not anywhere I shop, except for the nice Shin Ramyun stuff.


Someone got the munchies really bad.


And then subsequently had an epic case of intestinal distress and/or dehydration, I suspect.


About to say, if they’re claiming retail price (10¢) that’s 1,000,000 ramen packets. I wonder what kind of volume that is…


Looking closer at the article, the author thumbnails 75 cents per pack based on an online price they found. I guess 75c might be a reasonable gas station price, but everyone knows you can get Maruchan for a quarter a pop, or less if there’s a sale or they have six packs.


Maybe in Desert Center or some shit, where you’re buying something from the gas station as peace offering to the clearly cannibalistic locals.