I found a locked safe hidden at the back of a closet in my new house


Creative mode in Minecraft


Probably fun, but not even a valid simulation…


Replace the safe with a strongbox.


Suddenly I realize:

@beschizza, do we need to add @FGD135 to the list? or is this meta-enough to avoid that fate?


Hey, if anything I’m the loyal opposition.



These guys drive me bananas because of the amount of time they spend not dropping shit on other shit. I don’t watch YouTube channels like that for goofy banter in a “New Zealand, except more evil” accent.


My first time viewing these people. 99,999 channels out there, so hard to keep up!
But, @boingboing is my first stop every morning.


Hi friend!


Is it true that all Neanderthals
had red hair?
Asking for my wife.
She got a DNA report.
And now think this.


The main YouTube channels i watch on the regular are:

  • people making 18th century food
  • people picking locks (thanks, @boingboing)
  • people eating MREs (thanks, @boingboing)





Yes, BBS, I do want to continue this old conversation.


only 6946 more posts to go till it closes for good.


I’ll contribute, again.

i assume that everyone remembers how OP got really into cryto currency right after this post ?

/swims through stacks of backtoyoujim-coins





I can’t help but notice that unlike just about every topic I’ve ever seen on BBS, this one does not have any expiry information listed at the bottom of the thread.

Which isn’t to say I’m gonna risk it. 10 K HERE WE COME.


be thankful it wasn’t handwritten.

I have a Cassel’s dictionary that uses Fraktur. Bought it as a curiosity-- I used an Antiqua dictionary for anything important.


shall we count the posts?