I found "The Mandalorian" season 2.5's Boba Fett sub-plot distracting but Cad Bane was worth it

I want one. How many Imperial credits?


That postcredits scene really could have been framed better, it was hard to make out that the guy in the tank was a soon-to-be-modded Timothy Oliphant.


Re: Ep 6 - I lost it when Cad Bane showed up. I mean, I dreamed it would happen, but I didn’t think it would.

My only two nit picks: They should have made him a little deeper blue. I like that this show hasn’t shied away from using bright colors in places. I think too often colors are muted to make it seem more “realistically”, when it just makes things dull.

And the other very minor nit pick is that I wish they had distorted his vocals a little more. There is still some there, but I compared it to the Clone Wars, and he sounded more metallic than now.

But, awesome they got the same voice actor, and they nailed the look.

So fun to see Baby Yoda

Re: ep7 - I won’t gush about everything for now, but I was thoroughly entertained! It wasn’t 100% perfect, but I felt genuine excitement and had a good time.

Although, I will say I thought it was hilarious when Peli said something like, “Grogu? That’s a terrible name. I won’t be calling you that.”

Next on Disney + - Space Six Million Credit Man


I do not like Cad Bane.

I think Cad Bane is goofy. I think he doesn’t work. I’m only loosely familiar with Cad Bane via Rebels, and never got why people were excited about that nonsense.

But I do think live action Cad Bane worked very well, without very much in the way of familiarity with him. I mean I recognize the guy but I couldn’t really tell you more than shooty guy with dumb hat.

I do kinda wish they thought out the gloves/hand effects better. That overlong bubble tip thing from the animation just doesn’t work look right in meat space.

Though I’m sorta a sucker for practical effects. So maybe I’m just excited about that. I’m not sure how much of it was tweaked with CG, but the base face piece appears to be practical. And they got some really good movement through what looks like a lot of material.

The fact that he is such a simple western trope is what works here. It doesn’t make a lick of sense in any other context. But you’re on Tatooine, in a spinoff from Star Wars’ most bluntly “Space Western” entry.


I still feel weird about a Star Wars character literally wearing a cowboy hat.


Yeah I had to back that up and watch it again to figure out who it was. i forgot about the mod doctor. He looked so angry I thought it was an assassin.

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I wanted to like this show, but the last episode was so cringeworthy on so many levels it was hard to keep up.

I look forward to the tear-down it’s going to get from Red Letter Media.

I was almost giddy finally getting to see a realistic looking rancor set loose like King Kong I love that creature so much.


IMO, this was one of the most realistic things about the Mos Espa setting. I’ve spent a good deal of my adult life outside the US, in “crossroad” cities and countries — places that aren’t big or rich enough to exert their own cultural influence very far, and which wind up absorbing elements and influence from abroad. Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Liberia, and especially the secondary and tertiary cities.

Osh, Kyrgyzstan, for example, has heavy Soviet, Russian (pre- and post- USSR), Kyrgyz, and Uzbek influences, and growing Chinese, Turkish, US, European, and Arab influences. When I lived there there were a group of rich kids with Vespas and snazzy little Hyuandai hatchbacks (assembled in Tashkent) zipping around, wearing the latest fashions from Europe (via Moscow). There were also groups of Emo and Punks, and they had their own nightclubs. Liberia had influence from Ghana, Nigeria, Middle East (Lebanon), the US and Europe. Even when I had a month assignment in Jordan, I noticed the various influences: nomadic, Saudi, Israeli, and European. It didn’t take long to figure out who was a local, who was a local emulating somewhere else (I’m looking at you, Russian rapper bois), and who was a foreigner.

Mos Espa looked pretty big (I’d guess a population of 500K at least), so there should definitely be influences from Corrusant, the Tusken, Hutt space, and Aquilish, Trandoshan, and the other major species I can’t recall at the moment. Having BoBF include what are likely Star Wars punks in Fett’s retinue was a nice look into SW subcultures. Having various groups of outsiders working together to save the normies isn’t particularly original, but it makes sense in context.

The one thing that did stick out to me aesthetically was the architecture. There should have been more variety, and quite frankly out of place archecture in Mos Espa. Glass and steel office buildings. A few buildings painted garish colors. Aquilish buildings among the tattooine domes. Billboards. I can’t imagine Mos Espa had rigorous zoning laws and HOA’s enforcing a certain aesthetic. Everywhere I’ve lived there were always buildings that really stood out because their architecture and building materials were completely different from their everything else around them.

And kids. There never seem to be kids in those markets. There are always gaggles of kids with their parents in the marketplace. Are they in school? What does a Mos Espa school look like? Will Boba go to one and give a scared straight talk? “And this scar came from the scarlac. Remember kids, stay in school and become accountants. Less painful than bounty hunting.”


Cad Bane is the Boba Fett of Clone Wars. Given the actual Boba Fett was 12 ~ 13 around the time, the show runners clearly didn’t want to show a kid doing lots o’ murders, they needed Cad Bane to fill that role.

I’m kinda glad it ended the way it did. Once Bane was added to Clone Wars, the obvious question became: what the heck was he doing during the original trilogy? Why wasn’t he on the bridge of the star destroyer along with Dengar and Zucckus?

Edit: corrected the series from Rebels to Clone Wars.

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Not the Star Trek universe; all their cyborgs are in the Goth scene instead of the Mod scene.




terrible name — i won’t be calling you that - - AWESOME

and I did enjoy Book of Fett.


All the call backs makes Star Wars feel so small to me. Millions of worlds. Trillions of sentients. And we keep running into the same characters. It’s like those shows that are supposedly set in NYC, a city of 30 Million, and yet the casting and stories feel like it is set in my suburban high school. :pensive:


Well, he was the Boba Fett of Clone Wars first where Boba was around that age. Rebels took place 5 BBY - 1 BBY so Boba was already an adult and well established. Seeing is that all took place before ESB, one still can wonder why he wasn’t there with the others.

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Yeah looking it up now he doesn’t seem to have actually appeared in Rebels. I though I recalled him cameoing at some point.

He popped up in something I watched. Maybe one of my failed attempts to get through Clone Wars.

Either way I was not pleased.

Doesn’t make it good.

But the point was for a person who doesn’t know much about the guy, outside of that I don’t like it.

Worked pretty good in Boba Fett. It played well, the context made blue gun fighter not ridiculous. And I did not need to have a clue in the world what he was talking about with Boba and their past together.

Worked just fine. He mean, they know each other. Good to go.

Oops, that’s what I meant! My mistake! Thanks for the catch!

True, that!

I liked Cad Bane back when he was hunting Kermit The Frog


Loved every scene with Baby Yoda. His little walk. His squinting eyes. Finally taking his spot in the Trouble pod.

His little chainmail shirt. His little nap. He definitely made the right choice — your loss, Luke!

Still don’t get some of the choices. The Mods seemed completely blasé about their friends bring blasted to death. My spouse also pointed out the Mod who kept his “perfectly coiffed hair” throughout the destruction. C’mon, man, get dirty. Maybe it ain’t that kind of movie.

Them chanting Boba Fett’s name during the ending theme was hilarious. Wonder if Ludwig planned that from the beginning. The rancor was great (just how far is Jabba’s palace from Mos Espa, anyway…?). LOVED the badassery of Cad Bane. Great voice, great teeth. Real menace.

Max Rebo forever!


According to this map:

Far enough away that it strained credibility that he could fly back to the palace, grab the rancor (and even running it at full speed) get it back to Mos Espa in time.