I love my noise canceling Soundcore Headphones

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Have you tried any other ANC headphones, if so what do you think of the ANC on the Monoprice BT-600 ANC compared to Soundcore headphones generally?

Noise cancelling is great, but then my tinnitus overtakes the nothingness.

I need noise cancelling with white/brown/pink/whatever shade of white noise built in.

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Based on the title I thought all the praise would be for the Q30 or more updated Q35 model! I haven’t tried an Anker product that I didn’t like, but each generation of Soundcore ANCs is far better than the previous one! The lone exception may be the Q35 as if you already own a Q30, an ‘upgrade’ is almost certainly not necessary. I have never personally used the Q20, but if you’re gonna review one, review the flagship as it’s still a third of the price of more mainstream ‘premium’ brands. I would say that the ANC quality of the Q30 is far better than the entry level Sony quality. Why not going for the Q30 or Q35 is beyond me, especially when you get so many more features for the price!

I was happy to see that this was a review for the Anker Soundcore line as they don’t get the attention they deserve! Perhaps they have recently, but only via niche websites. By the way, was this a ‘review’ or a ‘plug?’ There wasn’t much substance to it.

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