'I’m NOT a politician,' Trump lies

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the effed up thing is…his base believes him.


[citation needed]


“I’m not a pilot!” yells man steering the plane into the mountain side.


Well, to be fair, he’s not a politician. I mean, look at the definition:

“a person experienced in the art or science of government”

I mean: nope, he has absolutely no understanding or experience with that.

“especially : one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government”

Again: nope, he’s definitely not engaged in any sort of government business. Golfing’s not the ‘business of a government.’

Perhaps he’s…

“a person engaged in party politics as a profession”

Most definitely not. That would require being paid to represent the interests of someone else. Trump’s never represented any interest but his own. Refusing to accept the presidential salary was his attempt to appear as if he’s not totally self-serving, but I find that it’s accidentally a metaphor: he’s not being paid by the people to represent them, he’s currently making his money, corruptly, as a result of the position he holds and is beholden to those foreign powers who hold his loans.


Otherwise known as “laws.”


I would make hay of this tweet.

But there’s no way he wrote it. Too put together, tone is too even and not angry.

I don’t use a twitter client which can show the client, but it’s almost certainly posted via iPhone (which he doesn’t use).


He is only a politician. He’s not a statesman. He’s not a representative. He’s not a legislator. The only thing related to government he does is campaigning and partisan politics



So… The charts and graphs are showing some of his defecting base is claiming he is not “presidential”?

If you start with the premise that he has never done his job as president, then he is correct. It’s not something I would go bragging about in an election campaign though.


Let’s make this true election day.


He’s not a politician because he sounds like a politician?

Dangerous territory there, Donald. I agree - you don’t sound like a politician. You sound like a racist, selfish, greedy con man.

By your own logic, what does that make you?

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The problem is that he’s not a politician. An this is true and is the actual problem.
He is totally incapable to condicting a nation and is not making party politics. Even if one was a successful CEO in some multinational, a nation is completely different compared to a company.

oh for a normal person…sure. But for him and his base…it’s a feature, not a bug.

He’s not much of a businessman either.

I know a lot of people voted for him because he’s “an outsider” and they liked his talk of “draining the swamp”-- but he didn’t drain the swamp, he just filled it with bigger alligators: lobbyists, wealthy donors, CEOs, and people with no experience in the jobs they were given.

Seriously, who would you hire to be your dentist:

A.) someone who works for a company that makes dentures
B.) someone who went to DeVry U for marketing, or
C.) someone who actually has a DDS from Tufts and years with his/her own practice?

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How about a hockey player who lost a lot of teeth in fights?

In this metaphor, the dentureist is Mitt Romney.

But it’s a trick question: the Trump equivalent is D.) a mobster who’s trademark is hitting people in the teeth with a baseball bat.

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