I really love my CSA


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“When I clicked the headline I TOTALLY expected to read that jason is a civil war re-enactor. Now I’m disappointed in Boing Boing, again.” – Every last one of you.


Of course it’s not about the Confederacy — I’m from Virginia, and no one in the Confederacy grows kohlrabi


Christ, we’re such assholes!


As long as my comments don’t get deleted for no apparent reason, I shall remain not disappointed.


I would donate some of those veggies if you had too much food rather than hold off the delivery for a week. And you can dry/dehydrate, ferment (as mentioned), cook or freeze some food stuffs if need be. Juicing will also help you consume veggies easier and you get more nutrition in :slight_smile:

I’m in Austin and i gotta think that there’s gotta be a few CSA’s here but i don’t have a car :[


I typically give a week’s box to my ex-wife if I’m really deluged.


That is one of the things we like - getting a vegetable we’ve never cooked with before and figuring out what to do with it. Always exciting when we find the kids like it, too! (of course, they are vegetarian and are very used to trying new foods)


Personally, I thought maybe you’d landed a high-profile guest starring role on Game of Thrones.



Of course the Confederacy doesn’t grow kohlrabi…they think its the capitol of Butthurtistan.


Nemo would be the cuddliest dire wolf, and dine well on rapists.


Disappointed in me for not being disappointed in Boing Boing? :wink: Fortunately, CSA isn’t an acronym I have to think about a lot.

My old roommates had something like this for awhile. They weren’t … culinary so it kind of went to waste mostly. I should look into whether it’s still an option but I’m about three miles from a weekend Farmer’s Market I don’t go to so maybe I should think about that first. :sweat:


My wife’s brother got married at Green Gulch. It’s quite the place, perched on a huge hill over the Pacific. I don’t remember many details, we were chasing a toddler much of the time.


We used to get a box every week. I liked it but it was too much food for MrsTobinL and I and the tot at the time.
I did like the veggies I would normally not get but we rarely got through the box before stuff had gone bad.


preparing the collards is no puzzle: throw 'em in a pot full of water, add a little vinegar and a mess of chopped-up fatback and let it all cook down. a slo-cooker is great. since pork has fallen out of favor in the black community, you often find smoked turkey necks subbed at soul food places. either is tasty but hog fat makes the stew more broth-y. Soul Vegetarian makes some great collards with whatever vegan voodoo they employ …


If you like to bake bread, they have some amazing classes.


[quote=“Grey_Devil, post:6, topic:80699”]
I would donate some of those veggies if you had too much food rather than hold off the delivery for a week. [/quote]

With at least one CSA that I know of around here (I’m in Minneapolis), you can opt to have them donate your portion directly to a foodshelf-etc., if you need to cancel delivery while you’re on vacation-etc.

I wonder if you looked around if you might be able to find one that has a drop-off/pickup site in your neighborhood or somewhere close to you. Then I guess the question would be whether you’d be interested in the particular types of produce that that particular (hypothetical) CSA would be offering.


The Green Door Gourmet here in Nashville has included kohlrabi in their CSA boxes. It’s a relatively new addition to the neighborhood but a welcome one. I cite it as an example of how immigrants sweeten the Southern melting pot.


After doing some looking around some CSA’s in Austin will deliver or allow you to do a pickup at certain locations. Which is pretty cool, i might try it out. Only issue is that 2 of the 3 CSA’s prefer if you commit to getting boxes every week for a certain number of weeks in a row, which doesn’t work for me if all i want to do is just test it out.
The one other CSA allows you to buy a single box for a week if you want but it’s twice as expensive.
I dunno, i’ll have to think about it and also i’m traveling a couple of times between this month and next month and i’d hate to waste the food so i might have to wait. I’m fairly confident i’ll end up trying food from at least one of the CSA’s :slight_smile:


How many weeks do you have to commit to? I find the first 3 weeks are all fun and games, and by week 4 I am feeling a bit under a mountain of kale.

If you can alternate weeks, it might be a great way to start.