I want to wish all here a happy new year


@Mindysan33, @AcerPlatanoides, @Medievalist, @OtherMichael, @doctorow, @xeni, @beschizza, @frauenfelder, @codinghorror, @SmashMartian, foolishowl, boundegar, daedalus, mikekstar, humbabella, glennf, shaddack, chuckv, captainpedge, falcor and all the others I will edit to add (adding [at] names on a phone tends to overflow the page), have a wonderful new year.

I have nothing profound to say except I expect to intellectually and textually engage with you all until at least 2016 >:)




Let’s make @codinghorror slash Jeff’s night interesting. Who do you appreciate and want to give thanks to?



One of the few downsides to living in the mysterious future is being out of synch with some people’s celebrations. :confetti_ball:

Still, a restorative meat pie will fix that.

I wonder how many notifications you can get before things break. I’m sure @codinghorror would know. :wink:


Well, one would assume @codinghorror to be the ultimate say on that. *(Cough) @codinghorror *


I’ve heard that if you look into a mirror and say @codinghorror’s name three times, all the files on your hard-drive become corrupted…


Happy new year @codinghorror and everyone else. But especially @codinghorror



I wonder if @codinghorror likes meat pies? Personally I am with you, I love them. My favorite was from a small shop in York, though if you include Cornish pasties the Cornish Pasty Company in Phoenix is incredible.


I just tried saying @codinghorror three times and my computer is still fine. Do you think I could get a bit of @codinghorror 's time to diagnose it? I swear I set the BIOS to BSD as the manual suggested, but my QNX didn’t flash right. Even when I said @codinghorror again.


I’m hoping that @codinghorror is having a relaxing evening with his family, reading classic programming books and watching vintage Microsoft commercials on the VCR.


Oh. And all the rest of you as well. But, especially @codinghorror.


Absolutely, yes. But @codinghorror works so hard for us here, it would be a shame not to thank him for it. So thanks, @codinghorror


I completely agree, I’d like to thank @codinghorror for all his hard work. And while yes, I am encouraging a light weight, childish prank, it comes from admiration and not disrespect.



A toast to @codinghorror.


@codinghorror @codinghorror @codinghorror


@codinghorror, @codinghorror, @codinghorror


Well then, I’ll just sit here alone in the corner. Eating my feelings and your comments.


Point taken, I’m done :). Have a lovely eve :smile:


@falcor - what are you doing here? We figured you’d be at some swank dragon startup shindig tonight.