I wonder if this 'Mach 5' is ready for a second owner

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So how roomy is the boot? (Asking for a chimp.)


The Mach 5 does have all of the cool toys, but I’d rather have Racer X’s car .


Is it just me, or does it bother anyone else that nobody seems to ever get the wheels right?

Edit: The wheels have 6 (SIX!) spokes. Not five.


I also preferred the Shooting Star. But I’d happily take the Mach 5 off his hands.


yep - they should have some dish, and knock off hubs.

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As long as they have the jacks…


All of those buttons would have to work before I’d pay for one of these. :thinking:


the other thing that recent Mach 5 replicas often get wrong is they use very contemporary low profile sidewall tires with huge wheels – SORRY, DOING IT WRONG.


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If you want the car to handle it is a good call.

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that’s a myth at best, bullshit more accurately. Small sidewalls are nothing but a style, roots in automobile concept illustrations. Look at a formula 1 car, or any real racing car - sidewalls of the best handling cars are not short like that - in fact they are quite fat.

tiny sidewalls are a fiction created by automotive illustration - has nothing to do with going fast

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I think you need to drive on both.

I have driven both.

With this on a continuous loop:

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Come on. Racer X was way more cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh5OJRdHWUY

Sounds like the only solution is a race at dawn with @jlw.

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Ha! Wouldn’t prove much. On street cars low profile tires transmit a stronger level of road feedback to the driver. Some enthusiasts take this as superior handling, but it is not. Its only a “louder” level of road feedback over other feedback you’d be receiving such as how your suspension is coping, as well as the state of your tires grip. Taller sidewalls also give you feedback, but without walking all over the other sensations you would be getting.


I remember getting some tires for my car some years back, and the tire shop had all manner of trendy low-profile tires and oversize rims to go with them. I overheard one of the sales guys saying they got a lot of repeat business on those, thanks to the Chicago area’s horrible roads.

I’m old enough to remember when 65-series tires were only found on Porsches and the like, and now my '10 Honda Fit (the base model, not the Sport) came with 65s.

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My Mini came with 55 series tires stock, and I’m running a 50 series tire now. But they still have a reasonable sidewall just like the Mach5!