Ice Bucket Challenge "blatantly satanic"




I could just be a demonic sleeper agent, spreading disinformation; but surely everyone’s favorite purportedly magic Jew is the kind of guy who wouldn’t get too worried about a ‘rejection’ so subtle that the person committing it doesn’t even notice, and which occurs in the context of an attempt to ease the suffering of the sick?

If anything, it’s the people obsessing over intricacies of ritual and specific magical apparatus and reagents that look like something out of AD&D’s Arcane caster system, while the people taking part in a (perhaps overhyped and of limited benefit, I don’t know how the numbers break down) charity effort for a fairly nasty illness look like the good ‘by their works you shall know them’ candidates…


Are you sure this isn’t a Huffing Boing Boing article? Did you actually go out and get Mechanical Turk writers to create this article, @beschizza?


This is the only evil ice bucket incident I’ve heard about:

Reading it made me furious.


I think this is just ordinary cantankerousness rearing its ugly head. Here is the wildly popular thing that EVERYONE is doing, and so by nature there are people who will resist it based on that fact alone. What could possibly be wrong with it? Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


Though clearly this screed is a SparkNotes of modern Evangelical insanity, she probably isn’t too far off the mark with this Oprah stuff. I would put a conservative amount of money on the bet that when Oprah dies, a religion springs up in her wake, with her as a prophet. I don’t know if that means Jesus is necessarily off the throne, or just sharing, and I could give two shits about said throne, but I can see Oprah joining the pantheon. I mean, if Hubs can do it, with the modest profile he had…


Well the odd part is, she seems to be obsessed with the evils of “ritual.” But if she’s actually a practicing Christian (which is by no means given) then she should have some very important rituals of her own. Something tells me she’s just a professional outrager.


As a wise young woman once said, fookinell!


In Oprah’s defense, I am pretty sure she has personally accomplished more in her short time than one Jesus H. Christ. I mean, she works like 18 hours a day, while that other guy was off vacationing in Middle Eastern version of Arizona.


No defense needed, I meant no offense by my predictions. I agree, she’s one of the hardest working demigods in the pantheon!


I think when a christian does is in the name of god it’s a rite, not a ritual. (as dictated by god in the good book) though I think by that logic, all rituals are satanic…

So it is written, so it is done.


“in the name of ALS.” The Bible is clear: “You shall have no other gods before me”

I just can’t get over the “fact” that a disease (or an organization fighting a disease) is a god. Sure lady, if you say so.



What?! Even when that guy was dead, he was working!, .


If God didn’t want people getting ALS, he wouldn’t have invented Lou Gehrig.


Methinks someone be a bit jelly that ALS is getting more filthy lucre than Selena Owens.


Well, yeah, but what if the American Faithful had nailed her to a bit wood at the age of 33? She’s knocking on a bit now. Gotta get your miracles in before you’re forty to be deified.


When I think “Satan,” the first things that come to mind are charity and ice.


When I think “Satan”, I think of this: hot bothered and bedeviled animaniacs


I mean this, LOLOL: