ICE lawyer used his position to steal personal information from immigrants

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Raphael Sanchez? Sounds like a foreigner! See, all the more reason to get these criminal immigrants our of our country! /s

But seriously. The hardest thing to get people to understand (who can’t even get past the It’s illegal! They’re criminals! End of story!") is that when you create a class of people who are second class, and refuse to legally protect them, they are subject to horrible exploitation. Is their “crime” equal to this “externality?” I went down the hellish rabbit hole of Kevin Sorbo’s twitter feed yesterday, and landed on a this fucking piece of hypocritical, twisted, “Republicans are the Party of Lincoln” shorseshit:

Strip people of all legal and financial protection and recourse because of their “immigration status” so that they can be exploited. THAT is the argument of slave owners.


No one could have predicted that an employee in a corrupt organization devoted to evil would turn to crime!


You have to be pretty low on the morality scale to apply for a job with ICE.


Our Boys in Blue would never steal.

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“… the lawyer allegedly attempted to defraud several financial institutions …”
Silly boy. That’s stealing from rich people!

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What a total scumbag!!! Plea deal? Fuck that! Lock him up!

Lincoln got a congratulations letter from Karl Marx. Trump got help from a former KGB agent. Isn’t that basically the same thing?


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