I'd like to lodge a complaint...in poop


Disgusting, NSFW video. You have been warned.




sorry, obviously i don’t know how to insert a gif. you should get the gist from the image, though


You are going to see everything that this woman, full of rage and previously turds, does to forever sully the floor of this Tim Hortons.

Thank you, copywriter


I generally imagine Canada as a quiet voice of reason in North America, but the coprophilia that has recently taken hold in the U.S. is apparently spreading.


And who among us can say that we have not had the urge to take a dump in the middle of a restaurant and throw shit and napkins at staff?

…Um, almost everybody.


I rage mooned someone once, it was an undignified farewell, but actual poo?

That’s pathological.


It wasn’t even a protest at Sunderland not winning a game for nearly a year, the guy was just drunk.

Later reports said he never actually shit on the seat, but according to some fan reports it looks like he would have if he had been left alone (he did piss on the seat).


This gets a tiny bit easier to understand when you read the update, that she was angry about not being allowed to use the toilet.

Which, surprise, was because of her past behaviour in the toilet…




The article states

Maybe they should have let her use the bathroom?


Furiously Shits



My apartment building was without water for about three days and people started shitting in the lobby. I presume this was meant as protest.


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