Idiocraski: the apocalyptic situation in Poland after a year of trumpism

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so the US will be like this in a year? Damn…


Double Damn…


Stupids in the cabinet, plus a universal basic income? I’d take that tradeoff.

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Remove the ability for stupid people to vote.

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Until you find out that “universal” only applies to a subset of citizens, because this isn’t just populism but right-wing populism (the kind of populism that requires bigoted Know-Nothings in the cabinet).


Summary says:

the government is mooting giving hoteliers the right to turn away customers based on sexual orientation or skin-color

Article says:

In a Facebook chat, a top equal rights official mused that Polish hotels should not be forced to provide service to black or gay customers. After the official stepped down for unrelated reasons […]


It’s not funny if you live here. Before these guys are gone they’ll run the place to the ground. With 36% apporving.

Three more yreas till next election.


Was just there yesterday. Protest marches are increasing in frequency and intensity. Many people are very frustrated and angry. But, unfortunately, there’s no sense that things are going to change.


Double dog damn…


America January 20th: Poland 2.0


Strangely, I’m not willing to let science get trashed and gays, women and ethnic minorities take a hit (literal and figurative) in exchange for universal basic income. (Especially since I imagine it’s not being implemented in a sustainable way or applied equitably.) I don’t think mediæval governmental policies are made all that more palatable by u.b.i.


The trouble, Boundegar, is that this income is paid out of coffers originally meant for roads and stuff.
This “law and order” or whatever party is mad cow level crazy, believing somehow that if they just gather as much power as possible in a short enough time, they can will the country into some sort of utopia.

Sadly, in a year or two these same politicians will be cashing out, so to speak, and moving to the next stable country to start the parasitic cycle all over again.
I’m a fan of universal income, but this isn’t right.


The problem is, UBI needs to be part of an overall social package. Throwing money at the people complaining the loudest is not an answer. Maybe if the red-staters actually embraced science and science education and STEM in general, instead of getting evolution gutted from curriculum, they’d attract and get better jobs, as an example. Rewarding the lowest common denominator in our society for screaming loudly, and not adapting (or even attempting to adapt) to changing economic realities is not something I want much of my money spent on, frankly. And I pay a LOT of taxes. And yet I’m a socialist! So happy to fund bandwidth, education (especially technical schooling), etc. for those who have lost jobs. But throwing money at them just to shut them up? Yeah, no. I’ll support secession of the west coast and northeast before that.


The mid-term Review/Revision of the multiannual financial Framework of the EU is up for debate in 2017. Let’s see what happens if we stop stuffing billions up the polish governments arse. Suckling at the EUs teats for years while complaining constantly about EU meddling - ungrateful bastards. Reminds me of the recent referendum thing on this bloody island.

Please give us a Poxit or better yet a eastern-euroxit. First in line when money is handed out and first to blockade any matter they have to do something for.

Ding dang double dog damn…


Anyone else get the impression that some of the commenters on the WashPo piece are astroturfers? I’m detecting hints of the strangely formal syntax of English speakers who are not native users.


I’m glad Boundegar brought up universal basic income, because it’s something that wasn’t directly addressed by any of the major U.S. 2016 Presidential Race candidates, and yet the need for it in the future is as sure as climate change. If the Polish fascists are realizing the power of this issue already, and figuring out an acceptable way to pitch it to voters, progressives are in big trouble without a similar plan. Until we grapple with the need for UBI, no one will be able to fix the economic woes of marginalized people, and their numbers will grow every year until the system implodes.


Shhh, don’t point out errors. Cory is always right.

From the abstract, it sounded like it was strictly “[straight, cis, married w/ kids] basic income” rather than anything universal.