If Donald Trump ever talks to a real journalist, these are the questions he should answer


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Someone built a wall around Donald Trump's Walk of Fame Star

Trump’o is the kind of scum that the TEA/GOP just love to hate, but in secret they adore their self made monster.


To bend over backwards to be fair, it was probably very difficult to be a RE developer in the New York area without making agreements with the Mob. Now whether one regards that sort of moral compromise as a good or bad thing in a politician IS a question left to the voters.


the American penchant for equivocating wealth and worthiness…

Should that be “equating?”


Well, we know exactly how he’d respond to those questions: refuse to answer some, while deflecting with some random and probably insulting gibberish, simply deny the facts with some counter-assertion that’s an obvious lie, and ignore the meat of the question while talking about how great something is that was mentioned. At least this is what he does every time someone manages to slip in some real questions.


Some of these questions aren’t really questions you’d expect anyone to answer. Example: “What should voters make of your failure or inability to notice 150 men demolishing a multi-story building without hard hats?”

It’s obvious The Donald will never give a clear answer, but it won’t matter whether he answers or not, because just asking the question shines a light on his criminality and chicanery, and I really hope someone gets to ask him in a debate.


It turns out that after eight years of accusing Obama of being a Tyrant, they just wanted a Tyrant of their own.

Still, a Trump administration will be nice. I kind of miss being told that any criticism of the President is treason, to be honest.


Exactly. Journalists aren’t going to get anywhere with questions like that. Have they paid no attention at all to Trump’s rise?


Journalists are the reason for Trump’s rise. Every time Trump opens his mouth, journalists give him free airtime.


Yep. I wonder if David Cay Johnston realizes he’s only helping Trump? Makes me wonder if maybe a Trump staffer fed these questions to him.


And he’s going to throw them in Guantanamo as enemy combatants for their hair jokes.

That’s the only population I’m excited about seeing Trump deliver on trains to death camps.

Journalists. The fucking sellouts.

But at least the TV anchors will look so photogenic with their heads on pigpoles.

It’s one of the few campaign promises that Trump has made that shows his hand… find the journalists who called him small handed and make them pay.

Well. They deserve it.

Oh does Orange Hitler not sound like such a fun story now? Does it not seem so human interesty and captivating now that you’re being flayed alive? A tiny orange fist slamming into a human face forever doesn’t sound so hot when it’s your face does it… does it?!

Maybe you shoulda done your jobs… rather than sell ads.


Is it true that your fingers were bound growing up to stunt them in the hope other attributes would seem bigger?


There are people who, on hearing that Trump did business with organised crime, will shrug it off as evidence of his maverick pragmatism. A lot of his schtick has been that he’s some loose-cannon TV cop who breaks all the rules and never has to deal with the consequences of his actions, and his supporters pretend to believe this horseshit rather than engage with the real world, where most TV loose cannons would rightly be in prison by episode 3.

But even Trump supporters have limits to their assholery. If this story (or, say, his treatment of women) got real traction, I think a lot of Americans would struggle to stand in a voting booth and think “yes, I’m going to vote for that to be the actual president of the non-fictional country where I live”.

Still, a lot hinges on whether the news media can pull out of their current ethical nosedive. Which is a very worrying thing to have to hope for.


But… that is their jobs.


Here is Johnston as guest on Harry Shearer’s show. (Harry’s also had numerous discussions with Yves Smith from NC on his show.)


Why, they sound like the BEST mafia bosses!!! Just, FANTASTIC mafia bosses!!!


Yeah, but repeatedly using the same firm, and even going out of your way to use them instead of a normal steel beam structure? It’s a wee bit more than suspicious.


I often wonder if the reason he doesn’t want to release his taxes is his charitable contributions, or lack there of. He often speaks of his Wharton days, and his children attended Penn, including his daughter who just graduated a month ago. U of Penn is very closed lipped about if he ever donated any money to fund anything at the school, but word on the street is that he never paid anything except his, and his children’s tuition. His name appears nowhere on campus. Very strange for a billionaire.


I’m thinking that he is far from a billionaire and that his vast real estate is really just signage rights for putting together investments for properties. We might find out how little he actually owns outright and that his real yearly income has been from The Apprentice.

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I don’t think you meant to say equivocate.