If Wolverine and Cyclops went to a birthday party


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Wolverine slashes people with his claws, so he’s constantly getting blood on them, and then pulling that blood back inside his body with the claws.

His regeneration powers make him immune, but he must be a carrier for every blood-borne nasty you can think of, from Hepatitis to HIV.


Oooh. Ick.


Cyclops: Allow me.

:cake: Let Us Eat CAKE :birthday:

Who’s the shirtless guy?

And wouldn’t this burn the edges of the cake or do I not understand Ciclope’s blaster vision.


That’s the original beast before he went blue.


Cyclops’ eye beams don’t cause any heat in the comics. (Although every now and then a writer or artist has forgotten that.)


Illustration by Lee Gatlin, who is obviously a genius. http://67.media.tumblr.com/fa2c9b9da206dbd0ff73b5bff1ccca18/tumblr_odi0oklOTk1ridgmwo1_1280.jpg


Didn’t he burn down a tree in the most recent movie?


I see nothing. I think I got adblocked.

EDIT can’t see it on my phone either. I suspect it’s personal.


Protip: do NOT throw a surprise party for Bruce Banner.


He cuts himself a slice and starts eating before serving one to his girlfriend? Cyclops always was a prick.


I only saw the first two movies, which I don’t remember really well.


which is probably for the best…


That just makes him more deadly!


I couldn’t see it either, so I followed the link.


I thought I was the only one. There seems to be no trace of it in the HTML at all.


But who would want to date him when he’s basically a walking STD?


It’s a force beam. He punches you with his eyes. I’d say conjunctivitis would be the worst of it.

Oh my stars and garters, you don’t recognise Hank McCoy?!


I would hang my head, but X-men have never been a strong suit for me.