If you have $50k, you might be able to buy this iconic 1969 dune buggy


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Oh man, I’d buy that thing just for the Scooby Doo crossover potential.


Speed Buggy for the win, extra points for the Chan Clan.



I’d consider contributing to a Boing Boing kickstarter to buy the thing but only if @jlw paints his VW microbus to look like the Mystery Machine.


Pshaw. I’d much rather have Wonderbug.



I’m all for nostalgic wistfulness, but not by dictated “force.”



Speed Buggy was one of the better Scooby Doo knockoffs in an era of, “Let’s remake Scooby Doo but instead of a dog it’ll be a car/shark/ghost/cave-man/etc.”.


It was fun growing up in the 1970s because there were VW hybrids all over the place…dune buggies, Baja bugs, beetles with Rolls Royce body kits, etc



I had a plastic, purple Manx dune buggy pedal-pusher when I was about 4 or 5 years old, before Big Wheels hit the scene. If I got going fast enough, I could turn and skid out, just like in the action films.
Man, I miss that toy. The best toy I ever had. :cry:


I want both. The buggy and the Enterprise. Make it happen Mr. Cuddlesworth.



Scooby Doo took the crossover and embraced it like no other show before it. Anything or anybody was possible to see in an episode. In parody, Venture Bros and Rick and Morty, have turned incorporating other shows, into a high art form.

My favorite Speed Buggy crossover, Birdman, Attorney at Law


I’ve considered that, also the A-Team van.


Given the Steve McQueen connection I am surprised they didn’t mention Steve’s scene doodling about in a beach buggy in The Thomas Crown Affair.



Do you recall J.C Whitney catalogs? They had pages and pages of bug mods - Rolls-Royce snouts, Continental Kit tire mounts, dune buggy bodies, Porsche-motor retrofits, supension mods, sleeper seat kits, and endless trim bits and chrome bits and custom doo-dads, on and on and on…

Fun reading.


It was the iPod of cars.


I learned to drive in a beetle and spent a fortune on VW kitcar porn magazines in the 70’s. I would be way glad to own a beetle now.


Just the picture sent me to YouTube for an episode of Wonderbug. I don’t know what I was expecting, but man, it was terrible. Six-year-old me had awful taste.


Man i always wanted one of these dune buggies, they’re cool as hell.