If you have testes, should you ejaculate more often? Yes. Yes, you should.

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Are they ill?


Lemme tell ya, my frequency is so low I can talk to submarines!


You take care of the sea, I’ll manage the air.

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I’m sure the methodology was rigorous and all, but this makes me think of the the Carl Sagan quote that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”.

Also the apocryphal Mark Twain quote that “95 percent of men masturbate, and 5 percent are liars”.


There is the smoking statistical gun, of course!! Men over 50 have much higher prostate cancer rates than men 28-24. And they ejaculate much less.

So low ejaculation rate must increase prostate cancer risk, right? Correlation = Causation.

Not . . .






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So the widespread adoption of HPV vaccines around 2005 is likely to have significantly impacted on that conclusion.

Just checked Wikipedia and it looks like in USA Gardasil was the first HPV vaccine approved, in 2006, but it’s not clear how quickly it was adopted. Given the influence of religionists in politics, USA might have lagged Europe in widespread adoption.

Actually, the article seems to be about those with testes AND a penis. Different factors apply to those with testes but no penis, such as those with CAIS, where the internal testes introduce a significant cancer hazard.


If you have testes, should you ejaculate more often? Yes. Yes, you should.

Aw, missed opportunity.

If you have testes, should you ejaculate more often? Yes. . . Yes! YESSSSS!! You should.


We’re going to need more socks.


With some fanciful leaps of logic, apparently according to twisting science for fun, apparently I have already died of prostate cancer 20 years ago with how inactive I am.




I can’t find the reference, but I remember a study claiming to show the risks of vaping, but actually the data said the bad outcomes happened years before the vaping did. Studies that bad do get taken seriously sometimes.


Paleogenomics is a thing for a while now, yet somehow people think homo economicus went through 200 My of evolution and never had a supposedly vestigial turn or cillia-driven development that wasn’t for showing dogs, elk, lung-kea, pinnochetes and whatever else where vaulting should be done nee’ underarms, like commensals stood inert, or a 50 Ky drop-generation dynasty where something cooler than brachiating came through. People spot an Adonis V but never mention the pickling mash gullet, swim sprouter or the places among shoulders that obviously held decoy and gestational eyes instead of anti-repair mechanisms.

This field is going to unlock your ROM enough you’ll need those 16-bitplane per primary OLEDs for sharing your social calendar, nevermind your slackjawed AI kittens endeavors or other tastes for periodicity. And by you I mean an organism that has been affected by apes somehow; maybe you’ll pencil it in for Tuesdays for the first 20-cum epoch or so.

eta: oh, mycroftb, tough turn, you’ll have to break that interleukin chain by growing a cuneiform printer. It passes though, you like, loose a novel.

SamSam > lack of coffee

Yeah I am crashing. The paleogenomics part is that organisms transfect each other greatly, so a seahorse might have been a black flag Chevy fan a very few generations back, merely needing intense red light on its brood pouch to exhibit a mullet. Extending that maybe it releases male and female gametes in freshwater according to lunar phases, but that’s not teasing out so easy, it’s just a noisy bunch of DNA from that being a low hanging genetic target turned into a decoy (DSBwise.)

So, one take is that in lieu of having congressional tendencies to fight your own imagination (I’ll just draw in Sen. Fox’s Whole Milk Endorsement for this example,) five times a day to Duelling-scale harms, species near us 200 million years ago, numbering in their hundreds or such put together, did a lot of survivable adaptation and breeding stuff with a full load of classes that consisted of making yeast and peppers and childrens’ diets and many ‘edible’ leaves somehow work okay, when nothing was domestic save that it grew with you. As such, the libido was its own 11-dial stove and garde-mange, and your food’s sexy secrets were yours too.

Another take there is that a dick is just kind of a size gauge for luring carp. This story is hilarious if you manage to scope out what an Ur-ur-ur x10^4 carp looked like, maybe 30 moving mouthparts etc. Massive Yin points to whoever knows how to say this briefly.


I have testes, I do, I promise!

I suddenly feel the need to see if I can raise both arms, because I’m quite sure I didn’t understand a word of that.

I’ll blame in on the lack of coffee.